Why independent commissioning management is important for your construction projects

by | 23 Aug 2021 | Products

Commtech Asia – the leader in commissioning management

Commtech Asia is an independent technical specialist that delivers built environments for the hospitality sector.

Commtech Asia plays a critical role in shaping high-performance, energy-efficient and sustainable built environments for property owners, developers and occupiers who demand forward-thinking solutions, unbiased results and absolute system resilience.

Operating in 12 countries across APAC, we provide independent commissioning management and integrated project solutions for complex, mission-critical and large-scale buildings and spaces. Our people are specialist engineers with multidisciplinary expertise and unrivalled experience, driven by a vision to unlock the full potential of built environments.

Whether delivering a mission-critical datacentre, a high-tech trading floor, a mixed-use commercial development or a multimillion integrated resort, Commtech Asia helps customers build to the best quality and performance, thereby reducing risks, cost and overall impact on the environment throughout its life cycle.

Core services

Commissioning management

Commissioning management is a quality assurance process that ensures the building services systems operate and integrate optimally to meet the defined objectives and owner’s requirements.

Retro commissioning

Retro commissioning is the application of the commissioning process to existing buildings. By following a systematic process of planning and site investigation, Commtech Asia can determine the optimal implementation plan to achieve both efficient systems integration and improved environmental conditions

Environmental commissioning

Acting as an environmental commissioning authority, our robust process approach assists businesses with defining and achieving industry-leading sustainability benchmarks and green-building credentials that give them true long-term value.

Integrated project solutions

Large-scale, mixed-use developments and integrated resorts are highly complex long-duration projects with multiple-phased occupancies that rely heavily on timely completion and manageable operating conditions to maximise the return on investment. Commtech Asia significantly de-risks the delivery of major projects, prevents costly errors and increases speed to market with greater peace of mind with the best-quality outcome.

Visit our website at www.commtechasia.com

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Commtech Asia is a market-leading, independent building commissioning consultant.

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