White Tulip – Sculptural bathroom series by Starck and Duravit

by | 11 Feb 2022 | Products

White Tulip by Starck – La Différence

Philippe Starck has devised two style collections for White Tulip, each opening up a variety of design opportunities: Nature for fresh, naturally inspired bathrooms, and Culture as an expression of urban sophistication. Which one do you prefer?

White Tulip by Starck – La Différence

The White Tulip range by Philippe Starck is a holistic bathroom collection designed around the organic silhouette of a tulip in bloom, lending it an almost sculptural, gentle character. With its unique ergonomics and ability to blend into a wide range of styles, the versatile and elegant designs of the White Tulip collection are ideal for all interiors – from Culture to Nature, from the cultured and sophisticated urban environment to the fresh and natural ambience of a country house.

The elegant aesthetics, the sophisticated ergonomic workmanship, and above all the delicate execution of the individual objects are what make the series unique. Philippe Starck’s primary intention with White Tulip was not to produce the epitome of timeless design, but rather to create a collection that naturally fits into our lives.

“Instead of creating absolute timeless pieces, I wanted to place the White Tulip collection more into human time; it could either be an ancient collection, which would have been modern at the time, or a modern collection with memory of the past,” he said.

The two distinctive worlds of style, Culture and Nature, epitomise the flexibility of the series as well as the essence of Duravit.