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Westbrass has been involved in construction of all types- from luxury residential towers, offices, high-rise commercial buildings to mixed-use properties, we have provided product for well known companies and small projects alike.

The Westbrass company was founded in 1935 by two brothers, to serve the needs of all plumbing wholesalers on the West Coast. The product lines at the time included items such as faucets, valves, malleable fittings.

The company currently manufactures its own products made of the highest quality materials. In order to ensure the excellence in the industry, these products are made to pass the highly stringent requirements of NSF, IAPMO, ADA and many other regulations. The Los Angeles-based company now sells a wide range of Plumbing Specialty Products, Bath Waste & Overflows, as well as Decorative Kitchen & Bath Accessories worldwide. 

The customer base includes kitchen & bath showrooms, plumbing wholesalers and supply houses, OEM and ODM companies, as well as several national home centers.

  • Square thin Shower head

Showering is one of the leading ways families use water in the home. Showers account for up to 17 percent of residential, indoor water use, for most families. That adds up to nearly 40 gallons per home per day. That’s nearly 1.2 trillion gallons of water used in the United States annually, just for showering. Retrofitting your shower with a Westbrass WaterSense compliant showerhead, will save a considerable amount of water! These Westbrass shower units are available in 8 in., 12 in., and 16 in. round or square units. Made with 304 stainless steel, these units will last a lifetime. The Westbrass AntiCalc silicone nipples are readily cleanable to provide a luscious rain spray to soothe mind and body.

  • Square ceiling shower arm & flange

This package offers a square ceiling shower arm and flange. The 9 in. long Westbrass arm provides two 1/2” male IPS ends to fasten the arm to the ceiling and thread the swivel fitting to square arm.  The heavy duty decorative flange finishes the arm to the ceiling creating a clean, neat installation. The arm and flange are constructed of lead-free material, keeping the water clean and safe to drink.

  • Acrylic Shower pan

The slim tiered lip and anti-skid surface of the Westbrass rectangular shower pans are sure to complement any bathroom decor. Available in a variety of sizes, these models allow the designer in you, the flexibility to outfit your showering environment, and match your personal needs. The 3-wall shower units range in size from 36 x 36 in., 48 x 36 in., 60 x 36 in., and 72 x 36 in.; all with center drains. The 3-wall 60 x 34 in. units, provides a left or right hand drain position to simplify plumbing installation for bathtub conversion. The pans feel warm to the touch and are extremely durable when installed.

For further questions, please call (213) 262 -1670 – www.WESTBRASS.com

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Westbrass was founded in 1935 by two brothers to serve the needs of all plumbing wholesalers on the West Coast. The product lines at the time included items such as faucets, valves and malleable fittings.