Stellar solid surface bathing well kits

by | 20 Aug 2021 | Products

Hamami oval tub with tub filler, stool and island drain

Solid Suface Tubs Kits from Hamami by Westbrass buoy the body and relax the soul.

The perfect bathing solution ensemble includes a solid surface bath stool. Hamami by Westbrass features Solid Surface bath tubs with lumbar support, a solid surface flush mounted integrated overflow drain, a High-Flow bath tub filler with hand shower, and the Westbrass Island Tub drain installer kit in Sch 40 PVC or ABS; as well as the stool.

Tubs are available in three sizes:

69 x 35 x 23 64 x 33x 23 58 x 31 x 23

And in two shapes – curvaceous oval and sturdy rectangle.

The secret is the quality acrylic binding agent used to manufacture these quartz solid surface tubs. Colour runs all the way through the unit, making accidental damage repairable.

The thin wall tub design relies on the rigidity of the walls themselves, not a finished horizontal deck, maximising the well and making the bath spacious for the size of the unit. The depth of the unit is maximised by increasing the overflow height. The drain cover sits flush when closed, maintaining the sleek lines of the tub.

Bathtubs are more than a vessel to get clean; they are a therapeutic escape. With this in mind, we set out to build the most comfortable baths in the industry by incorporating a lumbar back support. This ergonomic feature buoys the body and relaxes the soul.

Available at a Westbrass dealer near you.

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