US$1 million investment earmarked for new Israeli glamping complex

Imagery of the Dead Sea region © Itamar Grinberg.
Israeli organisations, the Tamar Regional Council and the Dead Sea Economic Company, plan to transform a once-popular solarium spa in Ein Bokek into a glamping site.

The resort will undergo a US$1 million transformation and will also serve as a travel centre for the surrounding area on the shores of the Dead Sea.

Wide range of accommodation

The integrated glamping complex will offer 32 different types of accommodation ranging from individual tents to much larger camps.

Furthermore, a new-look lounge bar will be unveiled alongside a reception area and a designated space for activities.

Sustainable site

The complex will be built with sustainable tourism in mind and will incorporate social and environmental initiatives that seek to preserve the region.

The Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth and the world’s oldest natural spa, has long been a popular spa and wellness destination and the new look complex, with a primary focus on outdoor activity, will stand as an alternative option within the region. Situated between Jerusalem and Eilat, the facility will also play a crucial role as a key hub for tourists travelling to Eilat.

Shared experience emphasis

Shiri Ben Shahar, CEO of the Dead Sea Economic Company said: “The idea of an active vacation with the possibility of gaining shared experiences is nothing small.

“The possibility of going on a vacation with accommodation as only a secondary thing, when the content and activities in the environment are the main value, in combination with the public complexes that are the highlight of the place, means that the entire open space will become a lobby and a meeting place with an emphasis on an active vacation with shared experiences.”