Unidrain – the go-to for high-end elegance

Unidrain with its sleek lines exudes quality and elegance, it is the go-to option for five-star hotels and spas across the globe.

Unidrain – the go-to for high-end elegance

by | 19 Apr 2022 | Products

Unidrain with its sleek lines exudes quality and elegance, it is the go-to option for five-star hotels and spas across the globe. The linear drainage system offers fashionable gratings and stylish panels in a variety of finishes and colours.

An idea that didn’t go down the drain

Unidrain – is a unique drainage system developed in 2003, when Danish architect Claus Dyre had a light bulb moment.  The concept for a simple, yet discrete drain went from an idea and became a practical product as Claus Dyre went on to design and develop a streamline, linear floor drain. This was the beginning of Unidrain.

A revolutionary concept

The idea revolutionised the look and feel of the showering area providing not just style but substance too. Unidrain’s attention to detail starts at the very beginning of any installation – with the patented flange. Constructed of stainless steel the horizontal wall flanges and drain form an integral unit, which guarantees that the linear drains are 100% watertight.

This system means that all the important structural surfaces are protected from any water, and as such prevent any damage by moisture.  This is a key factor in any shower installation as once an error has been made it is both difficult and costly to repair which makes

Top notch drains create highly desirable showering areas

Unidrain’s unique products are the go-to for modern, discrete drainage in high-end and exclusive bathrooms, showering spaces and spa areas. The award-winning products can be found across the globe from five-star hotels and spas through to residential homes.

ClassicLine is the original linear floor drain design. The patterns provide effective drainage but more than that they enhance the overall look of the shower and floor surfaces. The series includes six different options in brushed stainless steel, each with their own unique grating design.

Unidrain continues to work alongside designers and architects and collaborate with experts in wet room technology.  In the last decade the collection has increased and a variety of stylish, effective products has been introduced, including the HighLine Custom and the HighLine Colour drains.

With the popular HighLine Custom you insert a matching tile into the grate so the shower surface blend in with the flooring, leaving a gap of just 6 mm where the water disappears. The chic HighLine Colour drains can be matched with the Reframe Collection of bathroom accessories as all are available in different colours allowing them to be colour co-ordinated with taps and shower head in the bathroom.

Explore the HighLine drain options right here.

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In 2003, the architect Claus Dyre developed a linear floor drain to be placed against the wall, and this was the start of Unidrain. Since then, various products have been added, all with the same focus on both function and design.