When creating your ideal bathroom size really doesn’t matter

Regardless of the scale of the bathroom you’re planning for your client, you can get a Unidrain floor drain solution to fit.

Creating the ideal bathroom can be likened to completing a very complex jigsaw; you need to find the correct pieces and combine them in a certain way to create the final image. When designing a bathroom, you also work with different shapes and sizes, in some cases your client will have plenty of space to create a luxurious spa style room; at other times you can feel as if you need to crowbar something marvellous into a space the size of a broom cupboard.   

Whatever your brief, Unidrain can help you fulfil it. Small spaces size really doesn’t matter.  By combing exceptional design, the highest quality products with a dash of style you can create a bathroom that will maintain both its visual and practical appeal for many years.  

Overt trends can quickly date so when selecting key elements such as the drains quality always wins. Like an elegant little black dress, it will never go out of fashion and a product with longevity has added benefits in terms of sustainability.

When it comes to colour, style, and shape Unidrain have a range of classic designs that can be adapted to fit the structure and size of the bathroom. For smaller more bijoux spaces they have linear drains that go down to 300 mm – and smaller corner drains that maintain the same aesthetic.

When creating a larger bathing space, including expansive showers that have room to move Unidrain offer drains up to 1200 mm, plus bespoke solutions where several drains can be combined to form a uniform whole.

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In 2003, the architect Claus Dyre developed a linear floor drain to be placed against the wall, and this was the start of Unidrain. Since then, various products have been added, all with the same focus on both function and design.