Unidrain adds contemporary style with black framed GlassLine shower screen

by | 14 Jun 2022 | Products

When Copenhagen-based PR expert installed a new bathroom in her family’s traditional flat, she opted for a contemporary design with lasting appeal. Dark colours evoke a sense of hotel chic, perfectly offset by the Unidrain GlassLine shower screen in black.

Luxurious and spa-like

Unidrain products were key in creating a totally new wellness space in an out-dated bathroom; the only one in the apartment; 12-square-metre and used every day by a family of four, which included two teenage boys – it was in dire need of an upgrade.

The flooring, walls, toilet, and shower had to be stripped out and replaced, it needed a complete transformation encompassing a new colour palette through to designer drains. The family wanted something that felt luxurious and spa-like but with longevity too. Because it was an older, more traditional-style flat, they originally considered a more classic and nostalgic look, but ultimately, decided on a contemporary solution, prioritizing exclusive materials and products that are as appropriate for a luxury hotel as they are for a home.

The finished bathroom has high tech solutions such as a programable shower toilet and an anti-fog mirror, but, the undisputed star of the room is the elegant shower screen, GlassLine by Unidrain. Preserving the natural light from the window was a key part of the renovation so the GlassLine shower screen was ideal. It allowed the light to flow through the room helping to create an open, airy atmosphere.

Aesthetics and functionality stylish combined

The GlassLine shower screen with a black frame is 10 mm of clear tempered glass, available in three sizes: 800 mm – 1000 mm and a height of 2104 mm, the shower screen can be mounted to the left or right and fits tile thicknesses up to 15mm for wall tiles and 20mm for floor tiles. It is installed discreetly and securely without any visible display of fixings, screws, fittings, or joins.

The screen is lowered into a shower base located under the bathroom flooring, before being attached to the wall, creating a secure, stable, and watertight showering space. The black frame sits against the wall covering any edges generating a smooth finish, and the unseen groove-in-the-floor-flange meant that the installation of the colour co-ordinated black HighLine floor drain was both fast and efficient.

Colour was important for the overall look and style of the bathroom; the base tone was comprised of dark shades to induce a more luxurious feeling and add to the atmosphere, which combined well with the black frame of the GlassLine screen.
A GlassLine design with a brushed steel frame in bottom and against the wall is also an option as black does not suit all bathrooms. Read more about the GlassLine shower system right here.




In 2003, the architect Claus Dyre developed a linear floor drain to be placed against the wall, and this was the start of Unidrain. Since then, various products have been added, all with the same focus on both function and design.