The benefits of an orientation light in a hotel bathroom

by | 20 Nov 2020 | Products

The discreet orientation light is just bright enough to guide you through an unfamiliar hotel room in the night and lets you get to back to sleep easier afterwards.

We’ve all been there: one minute you’re enjoying a good night’s sleep and the next you’re rudely awakened by the overwhelming urge to go to the bathroom. When you’re somewhere you know, like home, it isn’t all that difficult to find your way to the toilet in the dark. But in an unfamiliar hotel room, suddenly the situation is a little more complicated: all it takes is an unexpected table leg in the way and that night-time dash to the loo becomes an altogether unpleasant experience. A helpful solution would be to have some soft lighting that guides the way to the toilet in the dark.

Finding the way to the bathroom at night

In addition to promoting better personal hygiene, Geberit AquaClean shower toilets also offer a muted light source to gently guide the way to the bathroom. This muted lighting is crucial to making sure your body stays in ‘sleep mode’ so that you aren’t awoken too harshly. If the lights are too bright, this can throw your body clock out of sync and make it difficult to fall back asleep afterwards.

Lighting that switches on automatically

The orientation light on the AquaClean Mera Comfort shower toilet model features a motion sensor. The advantage of this is that the light switches on automatically at night when a person approaches the toilet in the dark. With the AquaClean Sela, a brightness sensor controls the atmospheric lighting design, although it can also be permanently switched on or off directly using a button on the remote control.

The soft light sources of the Geberit AquaClean shower toilets offer the advantages of not having to feel around blindly for a light switch and only lighting up a minimal amount in the exact place they’re needed – around the toilet. The light beam comes with seven different colour settings, which can be selected to suit the bathroom environment and changed easily as required.

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