Tenth edition of the Grohe Reference Book – ‘Passion for Water’

by | 14 Jul 2021 | Products

Among the prestigious buildings in the tenth edition is the Wasserturm am Park Sanssouci in Potsdam, Germany, a water tower equipped with the GROHE Essence faucet line

Featuring 60 outstanding architectural projects from Europe and the Middle East, this year’s edition of the reference book celebrates GROHE’s passion for water. Inspiring buildings from a wide range of segments, including hospitality, commercial, residential, health and maritime, are all equipped with consumer-centric GROHE designs.

On a remote island in Sweden, in a majestically situated boutique hotel in the mountains of southern Tyrol, in the vibrant Tottenham Hotspur soccer stadium or on the high seas – GROHE products can be found in the most iconic places around the world. For the tenth year, GROHE, a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, is taking readers on an exciting journey around the world. The latest edition of the annual GROHE Reference Book showcases 60 iconic architectural projects and celebrates the work of the many talented architects and designers who have collaborated with the global brand to make ‘Passion for Water’ become reality.

Among the prestigious buildings in the tenth edition is the Wasserturm am Park Sanssouci in Potsdam, Germany, a water tower equipped with the GROHE Essence faucet line. The water tower, completed in 1910, was built to serve the steam locomotives at the Kaiserbahnhof Potsdam, a train station commissioned by Kaiser Wilhelm II and opened in 1909.

However, following the transition to diesel locomotives, the water tower fell into neglect and disrepair. After a long period of vacancy, it was purchased by the architect couple Katrin Wirth and Daniel Alonso González. The restoration is consistent with the original structure: the round shape and original materials are noticeable everywhere. Inside, there is a wonderful interplay of red bricks, charcoal steel and new, white fixtures.

The tower extends over six storeys, and the architects approached each level as an individual project with a single, distinct use. On the ground floor is the kitchen, spanned by a brick dome. Three levels with sleeping areas and bathrooms follow. Under the former water tank, the old filling controllers have been retained, providing a sense of history and a link to the building’s original purpose. The water tank itself is now the living room. A large window cut into the riveted tank wall illuminates the space.

At the top of the building, under the canopy of the tower’s original steel skeleton top, is a roof terrace that offers panoramic views of the wildlife park.

GROHE X – bringing showcase projects to life

On 16 March 2021, GROHE launched its digital experience hub GROHE X, which offers thought-provoking panel discussions, video interviews with industry experts and on-demand content that showcases first-hand insights into GROHE’s latest designs and innovations. Additionally, the platform brings new projects to life in the most vivid and informative way. Perfectly tailored to the interests of the design community, GROHE X includes in-depth project tours by influential peers and expert guides and stimulating, progressive ideas from the world’s most informed opinion leaders – all designed to keep the global GROHE community on top of the latest talking points and technologies.

One of the first places that can be viewed on GROHE X is Sweden’s most famous and extraordinary lighthouse – Pater Noster, located on the remote island of Hamneskar. It was constructed in 1868 and given its name as a tribute to sailors’ prayers. For almost 110 years, generations of lighthouse keepers lived with their families in this extreme environment.

The Gothenburg-based design agency Stylt breathed new life into the old lighthouse and created a small and intimate hotel for 18 guests. Erik Nissen Johansen, founder of Stylt, offers viewers a personal tour of the hotel that includes a look at the master suite, which has been fitted with the GROHE Atrio basin mixers, Grohtherm shower mixers and Power & Soul 130 shower rail set.

Discover more fascinating projects in the new GROHE Reference Book edition that has been certified as carbon-neutral: working in collaboration with natureOffice, the CO2 emissions associated with the printing of this book have been calculated at 15.156 t CO2 and will be compensated with a climate protection project supported by GROHE.

Or stay tuned on the GROHE X hub, where you can explore further GROHE references during the upcoming months.

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GROHE is a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and its products can be found in iconic hotel developments all over the world.

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