Tecnoperfiles’ efficient and high-performance PVC openings

by | 14 May 2021 | Products

El Pardo DoubleTree by Hilton in Lima

Tecnoperfiles, which has worked on projects such as Scala Hotel Buenos Aires and El Pardo DoubleTree by Hilton in Lima, produces PVC profile systems for clients around the world.

The construction market aims to choose sustainable and efficient materials. On this path, Tecnoperfiles ranks as the first Argentine company to develop and produce PVC profiles for high-performance openings.

Its plant is located in the town of Pablo Podestá, province of Buenos Aires, where it manufactures a wide range of PVC profile systems – among which the Lines Advance, Prime, Newen, EcoLife, Jumbo, CoverSystem and other profiles stand out – complementary and auxiliary, and works with a network of more than 200 certified manufacturers of PVC openings in Argentina and more than 100 in Latin America.

Through its construction sector, INTI (Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial) summoned the company to work in the modernisation and energy-optimisation project of the Marambio Base in Argentine Antarctica, for the replacement of the pre-existing carpentry with PVC openings with DVH, a combination that offers maximum thermal insulation, reducing energy consumption.

Within the framework of this project, the company worked on the replacement of fixed panel carpentry to achieve greater tightness, sealing, thermal insulation and, thus, an improvement of energy efficiency in the Marambio Base. To do this, tests were carried out in the construction plant of INTI, in order to guarantee resistance to extreme weather conditions, facing a temperature of up to -70°C with winds of up to 120km/h. Previously, they carried out other tests at INTI of infiltration, resistance, sealing and fire impact.

The company is certified under ISO 9001:2015 standards for the design, manufacture, marketing and technical service of PVC opening systems.

Fernando Martínez, president of Tecnoperfiles, points out the following as to the quality of its products: “Basically, the price-quality ratio of our products is quite competitive compared to the European giants. In addition, our personalised sales and after-sales services offer customers the necessary confidence that comes with a bond of long years of working together. More and more PVC carpentry workshops are choosing our products, in the search of quality.”

The company has been exporting to Latin America for several years and it has international subsidiaries in Brazil and Chile, and with representatives in Aruba, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. More than 100 manufacturing workshops throughout the region are part of the network of Tecnoperfiles and comply with European manufacturing standards.

The company is currently certifying its products in the US and it aspires to open new markets in Eastern Europe and Asia.

“We are an expanding SME that aims at reaching new horizons. That is why we have not stopped investing in technology and betting on the specialisation of our work team. We are at the forefront of the PVC carpentry industry in the world, and we know that we offer a quality product, which is increasingly chosen for the qualities of the raw material with which we produce,” added Martínez.

Every day, more and more customers are choosing PVC windows that provide style and comfort, coupled with efficiency, safety, resistance and durability. These features are gaining ground in the construction market worldwide and Tecnoperfiles is an industry of acknowledged prestige that can offer them.

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