A buzzing hub: Our headquarter in Hamburg

by | 07 Jun 2022 | Products

Our headquarter is located near the port of Hamburg and important traffic hubs.

With our brand-new warehouse and logistic systems we are ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow!

Text: Our new facilities which are operating since 2019 are home to our modern storage facilities. Easy to reach from the highway, they offer 46 docking gates and storage for 27.000 palettes.

From Hamburg throughout the world

 We are based in Hamburg, the city where Sump & Stammer was founded in 1925. While we cherish our roots in northern Germany, we highly value the excellent infrastructure that connects us with nearly all places in the world. Hamburg provides Europe’s third largest port from where we ship our supply to our customers every day. From our headquarter, it just takes you a few minutes to reach the highway, the Autobahn 7, that connects northern Germany with the south. For us, it’s essential to be located at a traffic and shipping hub. It enables us to provide the best services to our customers and partners.

Our Warehouse Management System operates fully electronic, is supported by barcoding and allows for complete traceability at all times. In addition to handling our own products we offer third party logistics and handling of foreign inventory. Our inhouse Shipping Department takes care of all important export customs and veterinary documentation.

The investment that has been made into our headquarter was around 50 million Euro. The compound has total size of 70.000 square meters of which 25.000 square meters are covered.

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Sump & Stammer is an international trading company, based in Hamburg. They are specialized in the worldwide distribution of a vast range of food products to the cruise industry, hotels and resorts and catering companies.