Suitenings – the comfort revolution in the hotel industry

by | 06 Jan 2021 | Suppliers

Gaëlle Verstraeten and Lieven Vandendriessche, founders of Suitenings

The lodging industry has one single, well-defined goal: to ensure their guests have the most enjoyable stay possible. A good night’s sleep is one of the key criteria. Suitenings is on a mission to ensure an exceptional sleeping experience. Cradled in the womb of bedding manufacturer Latexco, Suitenings offers hotels and other providers of accommodation a wide range of customised bedding products, including services – from consultancy at the start of the project through to after-sales advice and support.

Sleep quality has become increasingly important over the past decade. So, when people book a night in a hotel, resort, B&B or holiday home they expect an unsurpassed sleeping experience. Suitenings helps the lodging sector offer their guests that outstanding experience. By providing mattresses, toppers and beds made of high-quality materials, with luxurious finishing and a clear focus on ergonomics and comfort, Suitenings turns any overnight stay at a hotel into a memorable comfort experience.

Latexco quality tailored to the accommodation sector

At the foundations of Suitenings is Latexco, which has been setting the tone in sleep comfort for over 65 years. The Suitenings collection consists of high-quality latex mattresses and toppers manufactured by Latexco. In fact, Suitenings is the first to introduce latex-based bedding products in the hotel sector: hotels rarely choose mattresses with a latex core, despite the durability, natural origin and exceptional comfort properties of latex (resilience, ventilation and anti-bacterial and anti-dust characteristics).

From expert advice through to ‘Suitenings at home’

Suitenings bundles its high-quality product offering with a wide range of services, in every step of the project. In a first step, Suitenings selects the most suitable mattresses, toppers and beds, together with its customers. Before and during delivery – often a complex job – Suitenings experts assist hotels by word and deed: from making practical agreements and delivering and installing the products to even removing and recycling the existing mattresses. And even long after delivery, Suitenings is available to provide hotels with expert advice on how to offer their guests the ‘suitest dreams’.

There is even a ‘Suitenings at home program’: guests who are enthusiastic about the bedding products in a hotel can purchase an identical bed for home use – including five-star delivery by the Suitenings team.

Many years of experience

Suitenings’ extensive range of services is based on many years’ experience. The team is led by Gaëlle Verstraeten, who was a business manager in the sleep, hotel and tourism industries for many years, and Lieven Vandendriessche, CEO of Latexco: “Over the past decades, I have stayed in many hotels around the world. Quite often, I was disappointed about the level of sleeping comfort. As the CEO of Latexco, I now know the secrets of a good night’s sleep. I am happy to share this experience with the accommodation sector, together with Gaëlle and our entire team, to help hotels and other star-rated accommodation set the tone in terms of sleeping comfort.”

A fresh start, together

The hotel industry is currently at the dawn of a new era. The pandemic heavily impacts our travel behaviour and poses a series of big challenges. Many people are postponing their travel plans and investing in better comfort at home.

Suitenings is confident that everyone will be happy to swap their comfortable beds at home for an overnight stay in a hotel, a B&B or a vacation park as soon as that becomes possible again. “For hotels, this is the perfect time to prepare for that moment, making sure they’ll be able to treat their guests to an amazing sleeping experience. We will gladly help the hotel industry prepare for that fresh start. By investing in a five-star sleep experience, they are guaranteed to gain a competitive edge,” Verstraeten concludes.

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To help the hospitality sector ensure that outstanding experience, Suitenings delivers premium, latex-based bedding solutions.



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