Subtle style – Unidrain ties the bathroom together

by | 15 Aug 2022 | Products

Sometimes the best design is the one you can’t see. The Unidrain HighLine Custom floor drain is designed to seamlessly blend in with the interior, visible only by a narrow crack between the tiles where the water is led away.

Unidrain believes that drains are not only a necessity within bathroom design: they can be a stylish and essential asset that enhances the overall elegance of the bathroom. Constructed of stainless steel, the horizontal wall flanges and drain form an integral unit which guarantees that the linear drains are 100% watertight.

In the last decade Unidrain has expanded its collection and introduced a variety of stylish, highly functional products including the HighLine Custom design, which is a special favourite with many designers due to its uncompromising minimalism.

A seamless solution

When designers create a room, they are inspired by colour, textures, gloss or matt finishes, the light and shade that complete the finished space. 

This is what makes the HighLine Custom drain by Unidrain the perfect option for designers looking for continuity across the floor area.  With HighLine Custom you insert a matching tile into the grate, so the shower area blends in with the overall flooring, leaving a gap of just 6 mm where the water disappears. The effect is subtle, yet striking, helping to create a sense of calm and tying the entire space together.



In 2003, the architect Claus Dyre developed a linear floor drain to be placed against the wall, and this was the start of Unidrain. Since then, various products have been added, all with the same focus on both function and design.