Safe Hospitality: The reusable face mask procurement solution

by | 21 Sep 2020 | Products

Fashionizer’s high-quality washable face masks

As hotels open their doors again, while trying to work with the pandemic happening in the background, wearing face masks is key to keeping both staff and guests safe, as well as staying open.

For many, speed and cost has meant that they have adopted disposable masks, these being procured as the ‘perceived’ lowest cost solution. The safe removal of disposable masks, however, was largely not factored into the cost equation. Sufficient to say, it is time consuming and costly.

A more sustainable and less costly option are Fashionizer’s fabric face masks that can be washed and reused safely, with no need of costly disposal processes and procedures.

  • Their cloth face masks are guaranteed, and can be washed and reused at least 30 times.
  • This means you need only buy 3% of the quantity compared to the disposable ones.
  • Not only saves you money, but also ensures you are being sustainable.
  • They are stylish, sophisticated, and business-like.
  • Designed for maximum comfort.

Washable face masks not only save you money, but also ensures that you and your hotel are choosing the more sustainable route.

To shop Fashionizer’s high-quality face masks, please visit their Hotel Uniform Shop.

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