Reducing energy costs

There’s no greater challenge facing our nation and planet than the current climate criss and rising energy costs and the overwhelming statistics couldn't be any more obvious.

In order for us to avoid its worst effects we need to ensure we are doing everything we can to achieve the goal of net-zero carbon emissions. Commercial kitchens have a number of challenges and Macintosh Foodservice Solutions is highly experienced in providing robust options to achieve net-zero, vastly reducing energy costs, as well as supporting you access to any applicable government grants.


Some solutions include:

  • Shifting to all electric equipment
  • Induction cooking
  • EnergyStar / A rated combination ovens
  • Smart brat / vario pans
  • Heat recovery systems on dishwashing equipment
  • Heat transfer systems on refrigeration condensers
  • Coldrooms, fridges etc – no CFCs with low GWP preferred
  • Change water fixtures to meet 8.31pm @415 kpa
  • 0% mercury content in any lighting
  • Ceilings, walls, floors – provide information in relation materials (EPD certification product specific, type III, externally verified) and high recycled content (ISO 14021)
  • All equipment to be EnergyStar or equivalent
  • Waste should be segregated into at least 5 different waste types. These include mixed paper, corrugated cardboard, glass, plastics.and metals
  • UV-C ventilation systems which allow the use of economical heat-recovery systems whilst purifying the discharge air
  • For service counters recommendations to use time switches to control display lighting and hotplate control
  • Installing energy monitoring systems and water metering on site
  • Switching to green electric suppliers


Time to Change

Commercial food service kitchens and restaurants face multiple challenges. These include:

Identifying new opportunities to improve energy efficiency while adhering to changing local and national regulations in a bid to support electrification and decarbonisation.

Managing the costs of energy, and ensuring staff are fully trained to support energy reduction.

Gas equipment has long been the norm for nearly all commercial kitchen operations, however, many companies are exploring how to shift to lower-carbon options – all while providing a comfortable and safe environment for employees and customers.

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