Kitchen equipment audit

​Carrying out an annual kitchen equipment audit is highly important. You need to know your catering operation is up to the required standards – and this means you must be sure your catering equipment meets the latest standards.

Our Inspection Service covers all of the following:

  • Equipment condition
  • Equipment cleanliness
  • Equipment compliance and legality – Ensuring equipment is CE approved
  • Current health and safety, food safety, gas safety regulations (as per Gas Safe guidance)
  • Compliance of assets and their environment
  • Safety of equipment – e.g provision of devices to facilitate shut-off in an emergency
  • Gas safety – including a full sound / leak test of each gas asset
  • Layout, floor, lighting, ventilation and machine stability
  • Refrigerator safety
  • Cost of replacement of equipment:


Maintenance of all catering assets to the highest standards ensures there is no concern regarding product breakdown. Our audit highlights any equipment or process issues. We can also provide an asset valuation

Our reports can be used to provide a case for asset replacement, budgeting or to highlight energy savings and CO2 reductions. A typical report includes:


  1. Findings from our site inspection
  2. Reviews of operational procedures
  3. Details of compliance / non-compliance of assets and their environment
  4. Recommendations with regards to non-compliance
  5. Recommendations to reduce energy and CO2
  6. The report will relate to all current Health and Safety, Food Safety, Catering Safety Food, Preparation machinery regulations, gas safety regulations etc.



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