OLI launches eLINE for an intelligent hygiene

by | 19 Sep 2022 | Products

OLI, Iberian leader in the production of flushing cisterns, extends its range of technologically advanced solutions with the new eLINE, an electronic flush plate that enables the contactless activation of the flushing cisterns.

The automatic actuation is controlled by an intelligent infrared sensor (with a detection distance of up to 900mm), which also adapts the water discharge volume (partial or complete).

With this sanitary technology, OLI raises the hygiene levels and reduces sources of contamination in the bathroom spaces, due to the absence of a manual contact with the flush plate, and increases water efficiency, as the water flush volume is determined by cleaning needs.

Same design, two versions

eLINE is available in two versions – Standard and Radio -, which bring new features to the bathroom, such as personalisation of hygiene options via smartphone and remote flushing via a remote control.

The Standard version, with bluetooth connection, includes a mobile app, available on iOS and Android, which allows you to change the system’s default settings, as engine calibration, user profile, discharge monitoring, among other adjustments.

The Radio version, in addition to the functionalities provided by the Bluetooth connection, allows remote activation through a specific command.

Minimalism meets technology

The eLINE, developed in the R&D Centre of OLI in Aveiro – Portugal, is the result of the merge between technology and minimalist design. Made of stainless steel, which gives it a high resistance, it comes with an anti-vandalism locking system, making it ideal for public toilets.

Using patented technology and high manufacturing quality standards, OLI is continually developing new and improve sanitary solutions to transform bathroom spaces into water-efficient, intuitive and inclusive places.

OLI integrates the “top 10” of Portuguese companies that most patent in Europe, being the most innovative in the construction sector, according to the latest reports from the European Patent Office. There are currently 38 active patents.