Multifunctional hot food counters in individual designs

by | 09 Apr 2020 | Products

Counter with invisible InductWarm® food-warming system covered by materials of your choice.

You wish to have flexible design options for your hot food counters matching your interior design and ambience? Here is the solution.

The Swiss company Gastros Switzerland is specialised on innovative solutions for hot holding like undercounter induction technology.

Their induction units InductWarm® 130+ can be installed fully invisible underneath tables and countertops. This innovative induction technology can be covered by different materials like artificial stone, glass or even wood. This enables you to design your buffet counter according to your individual preferences. It is also possible, to integrate the undercounter modules subsequently into existing furniture – of course only in consideration of the installation manual.

After gaining some long-term experiences with different materials and after several tests of new materials from different suppliers, Gastros would be pleased to support you with advice for the choice of cover material for your individual counter. Therefore the company offers a detailed guideline booklet of cover materials on its website.

Cover material artificial stone

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Surfaces made from artificial stone are user-friendly and they are captivating due to their premium look. There are numerous kinds of artificial stone that can be used. Please, watch the list of tested materials to figure out which kind of artificial stone might be the best one for your buffet counter.

Cover material glass

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Glass is giving your buffet counter an elegant look with a special gloss and it can be cleaned easily. Gastros’ recommendation is to use scratch-resistant ESG glass. The material can be coloured in almost any RAL-colour. Logos can be added also. Gastros would be glad to assist you with your choice and provides a list of glass specifications.

Cover material wood

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Buffet counters made from wood are timeless and match any interior design from classic elegance to rustic styles. The material radiates visual warmth and a sense of liveliness. It is technically no problem to use wood as cover material for the InductWarm® 130+ system. But also in this case – keep in mind to have a look at Gastros’ cover material guidelines to make the right choice of material.

Please, visit the Gastros website to get more information about the InductWarm® 130+ undercounter induction unit and to find the detailed cover material guidelines as PDF download.


With its InductWarm range, Gastros Switzerland offers innovative buffet solutions for keeping food warm based on induction technology.