Modular commercial kitchens rise to Covid19 challenge

by | 04 Nov 2020 | Products

Although livecookintable didn’t develop the Baukasten System in response to Covid19, it’s close to an ideal solution for quite a few of the extraordinary challenges now facing the global hospitality industry as a result of the worldwide pandemic.

Modular kitchens made for outdoor dining

As the current health crisis forces many restaurants, bars and cafés to serve customers outdoors and make more of terraces, patios, gardens or even pavements, catering equipment has to keep pace. That’s where the Baukasten modular kitchen excels because it’s quite simply any kitchen you need, where and when you need it.

The system’s easy-build modular design lets you create customised workstations to personal specifications in minutes. Plus all components are gastro-norm (GN) compatible for added flexibility. And – because light, strong and portable equipment is key to successful outdoor catering – Baukasten modular kitchens are easily moved using nothing more than carry bags or trolleys and one pair of hands.

Space-saving catering equipment simplifies social distancing

Social-distancing regulations might have been in force for months now, but they still feel alien in traditionally sociable settings. And although some creative restaurants have brought light relief to the restrictions, most are still trying to find a balance between good guest experiences and obeying the rules. Baukasten modular kitchen equipment is designed with a small footprint yet gives chefs 40% more workspace than other comparable systems.

Unique Multipot provides up to six separate cooking functions in one single piece of equipment. Adjustable castors stabilise furniture modules on most uneven surfaces. And the system stores neatly, too: taking up to 73% less room than its nearest competitor. So with all that cooking, prepping, serving and storing space efficiently saved, restaurants now have more space for customers to socialise in safely distanced comfort.

Mobile kitchens make customer and staff safety a priority

Livecookintable has built a global reputation for products designed by outstanding engineers in collaboration with leading hospitality industry experts. And early in 2020 we yet again proved the importance of working collaboratively by developing innovative Be Safe solutions in response to the Covid19 pandemic.

The Be Safe range includes protective screens; anti-bacterial surfaces; the advanced air-cleaning system, Air Wall, and even individual bento boxes and tiffin tins to adapt the buffet experience to new hygiene regulations. And though The Baukasten modular kitchen system may not have been developed specifically to cope with the current health crisis, it is designed to incorporate the entire Be Safe collection to protect staff and customers everywhere, from socially distanced restaurants and bars to hotels.

In conclusion

Over the past year, the global hospitality industry has demonstrated tremendous strength in the face of Covid19. Whether it’s national lockdowns and curfews or social distancing, restrictions have adversely affected almost every catering business worldwide.

But nothing if not quick to adapt, industry professionals have worked tirelessly to come up with creative solutions to some of the pandemic’s toughest challenges. And livecookintable is working alongside them with modular kitchen systems and safety features which address current challenges and are also designed to evolve responsively to whatever comes next.

Find out more about the Baukasten Modular Kitchen System from livecookintable or get in touch and tell us how we can help your business rise to the unprecedented challenges of 2020.









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