MetallArt luxury stairs at Max Mara flagship store in Vienna

by | 09 Aug 2021 | Products

An amazing sculptural steel staircase featuring transparent all-glass balustrades and state-of-the-art design stands out as a prominent signature piece in the Max Mara fashion boutique located in a magnificent 19th-century palais on Vienna’s boulevard, the Graben.

Since 2016, the renowned Italian designer label Max Mara has been presenting its entire fashion range in the Austrian capital. The high-end outfits, characterised by elegance and the highest quality craftsmanship, are displayed in an exquisite historic atmosphere across 500 sq m.

The feature staircase by MetallArt connects the two floors of the building and accentuates the shop’s upscale assortment and its prestigious interior style.

Stair art for exquisite store design

There are multiple exceptional features in this staircase construction, resulting in a distinctive and sculptural appearance. Beside the special elliptical layout and a sophisticated railing solution in steel and glass, the construction was realised with a refined handrail system and a remarkable cladding of the visible steel elements.

So, this staircase fits in perfectly into the noble interior concept of the flagship store with its stylish parquet floor and elaborate stucco work.

High-end staircase architecture in steel and glass

Due to the constructive approximation from two radii each and a four-flight stair layout, the steel structure received a dynamic ellipsoidal shape. In addition to this demanding design basis, the staircase was realised with a combination of box-type steel stringers, some of which are as high as the balustrade, and inserted white glass fillings showing different heights.

The overall railing system thus provides for fall prevention at parapet-height but sticks out by the innovative interplay of materials. Three intermediate landings, each with an opening angle of approximately 125°, allow for comfortable and pleasant accessibility for customers.

On the upper floor, the extraordinary design continues with a harmoniously manufactured exit landing and transparent all-glass railings in white glass running along the ceiling edge. Owing to a significantly reduced iron oxide content, white glass guarantees the greatest possible light transmission and transparency. The green tint appearing with conventional glass can thus be avoided.

Design features in exclusive finish

The convincing character of the stairs also includes the rectangular handrail made of flat steel. As a functional design element, it complements the entire construction. Supported by angular steel balusters, the handrail runs inside the external staircase stringer and was equipped with a cable routing on the bottom for onsite LED lighting.

Last but not least, the effective finish of the steel surfaces on the inside and outside of the stair stringers, as well as on the steel elements of the gallery, highlights this masterpiece. The facing sheets, which were provided with textured paint onsite, show a thickness of approximately 2 mm. Using a special glueing technique, the MetallArt experts fixed them to the staircase structure.

MetallArt staircase design in the retail sector

In shopfitting, decoration and furnishing play a crucial role. Therefore, stairs have become more and more important for interior design.

With knowledge and experience, the MetallArt specialists realise bespoke stairs for upscale brands. The constructions can either blend in harmoniously into the overall design or serve as striking eyecatchers for innovative store concepts.



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