Loewe bild s: Magnificent in every detail

Loewe presents with bild s.77 a luxurious OLED television set - Made in Germany.

The extravagantly equipped luxury model bild s.77 with its SL5 chassis, SX8 Quad Core Processor and the pin-sharp 77-inch OLED panel of the latest generation ensures visually stunning moments in Ultra HD resolution. Even low-resolution content benefits from its brilliant 4K display thanks to sophisticated upscaling functions. Smart image processing delivers additional dynamics and perfectly brings out the advantages of OLED technology. The most important high dynamic range standards HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision™ are also included, as well as Loewe’s instant channel zapping for minimal switching times.

German engineering craftsmanship with great attention to detail in combination with the production in our exclusive handmade manufacture at the company headquarters in Germany creates magical TV moments “Made in Germany” – made for people who loves pure elegance.



Magic Moment: Soundbar becomes visible at touch of a button.

The bild s.77 is equipped with kinematics and provides the perfect Loewe magic moment. This mechanism automatically lifts the display when the tv is activated and provides a view of the amazing soundbar. It is featured with a total of ten forward-facing drivers and a total output of 120 watts, as well as Mimi Defined™.  

Timeless elegance and 360 degree design.

The back of the large-format of Loewe bild s can be covered with the Loewe smart cover in exclusive graphite grey color. This gives the set a stylish 360° design characterized by timeless elegance and allows it to be placed anywhere in the room. Visual accents can be set by combining it with the wall mount or the floor stand option.

The Loewe floor stand offers the possibility of motorized rotating in an elegantly and almost noiselessly way. The TV set can be adjusted with the remote control to the personal viewing position.

OLED – fascinated differently

All Loewe televisions benefit from an individual calibration. Together with algorithms the optimized over decades, this ensures most natural and harmonious images. Each TV set is individually measured at the end of our production and adjusted for the best viewing comfort.

In this way, Loewe can guarantee that our customers will experience the same impressive viewing experience in your living room that was determined in weeks of work in the laboratory by calibrating and optimizing all parameters.

Every device that leaves Loewe’s production lines is matched with the optimized image parameters using a golden sample. This is to guarantee that you and your customers receive a perfect premium picture with every Loewe TV set.



Founded in 1923, Loewe has developed into a traditional company operating worldwide in the luxury segment and has played a decisive role in shaping the consumer electronics industry for decades with milestones in design, technology and innovation.