KniTec’s top-selling hospitality technology products of 2021

The country’s largest dealer in hospitality technology - KniTec Enterprises - has shared its top-selling products for 2021 so that you can stay up to date on popular hotel televisions and appliances.

KniTec’s top-selling hospitality technology products of 2021

by | 27 Oct 2021 | Products

Which LG and Samsung hospitality televisions were most popular in 2021?

The country’s largest dealer in hospitality technology – KniTec Enterprises – has shared its top-selling products for 2021 so that you can stay up to date on popular hotel televisions and appliances.

Hospitality technology is notorious for its constant cycle of new and retired models. The country’s largest dealer in hospitality technology – KniTec Enterprises – has shared its top-selling products for 2021 so that you can stay up to date on popular hotel televisions and appliances.

Television: LG 55UT570H

LG’s Pro:Centric Enhanced 55” UT570H UHD TV has been a top seller for both hospitality and healthcare in 2021. This 4K, Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution television showcases 8.3 million pixels for a flawless picture. And with LG’s Pro:Centric and Pro:Idiom hotel management technologies, hoteliers are able to configure and control the guestroom televisions from one centralised location. Pro:Centric Direct allows hotel operators to edit the user interface with easy-to-use templates.

#KniTecKnows Tip: Design not your thing? KniTec’s creative director Brian Bengelsdorf has helped many Hilton, Marriott and IHG properties create their Pro:Centric custom GUIs.

Property owners that have a mixture of Full HD and 4K UHD content will appreciate the UT570 series’ built-in 4K Upscaler, which automatically upgrades Full HD content to UHD quality.

Comparable alternative: Just like the featured model from LG, Samsung’s HG55NT678 also has Pro:Idiom and b-LAN making it a fit for most properties in the country.

Smart television: Samsung HG50NT690U

Smart TVs are increasing in popularity in guestrooms, which explains why the Samsung HG50NT690U has been one of the most sought-after televisions in hospitality this year. With additional integration options, guests will appreciate being able to cast content from their personal devices to the 4K UHD display. And with LYNK Hospitality Management Solution, guests can control lighting, drapes and room temperature from their Samsung TV remote.

The NT690U series offers similar next-generation control features for hotel management. Hotel staff can remotely check room occupancy, cleaning status, and control the heating and cooling systems in guestrooms for maximum energy savings.

Comparable alternative: Also consider LG’s 50US670H, which, unlike the NT690U series, also comes equipped with b-LAN.

Mount: Peerless HPF650

If you’re mounting your guestroom televisions, look no further than Peerless’s HPF650 Pull-Out Pivot Wall Mount. This industry staple suits most flat-panelled, 32 – 65” displays up to 60 lbs. And with 30 degrees of built-in swivel, the HPF650 ensures guests will always be able to find the right viewing angle.

Hotel engineers will appreciate the HPF650’s ability to pull out from the wall, which allows service technicians to make most repairs to televisions without having to uninstall the unit.

Comparable alternative: Premier’s AM95 Full-Motion Wall Mount, which supports televisions up to 95 lbs, is also a top choice of hoteliers.

Microwave: Danby DBMW0720BBB

Microwaves might not be at the top of your list when considering your hotel technology, but they’re a critical part of any well-equipped guestroom. This year, the most popular countertop microwave (by a wide margin) is Danby’s DBMW0720BBB. This compact 0.7 Cu Ft model packs 700 watts of cooking power. With ten power levels, six convenient auto cook options and a glass turntable, it has just enough features at a very reasonable price. Available in black, white and stainless steel, this microwave is guaranteed to fit your decor.

Comparable alternative: If you’re hoping for a slightly larger and more powerful microwave, Magic Chef’s MCM1110ST 1.1 Cu Ft Countertop Microwave is also a popular option.

Alarm clock / charging station: Nonstop NSW-BK

Nonstop is known for their design-forward alarm clocks that provide both USB and wireless charging options for guests’ personal devices. With its ‘light sleeper’ mode and simple-set alarm, it’s understandable that the NSW-BK has been the most widely requested alarm clock of the year.

Comparable alternative: Although not technically an alarm clock, Nonstop’s NSC-BF is a seriously powerful wireless charging puck that acknowledges that guests rely more on their phone’s alarm to start their day than any other device.

Refrigerator: Danby DAR033A1BDD

Danby makes the top-seller’s list for a second time with its DAR033A1BDD Designer 3.3 Cu Ft Compact Refrigerator. This counter-height appliance includes Danby’s second-generation Canstor beverage dispenser, integrated door shelving, tall bottle storage and interior light.

Comparable alternative: Hoteliers looking for an even more compact refrigerator will appreciate GE Hotpoint’s HME02GGMBB at 1.7 Cu Ft.

For a free consultation on the hotel technology that best suits your needs, call one of KniTec’s representatives at 866-469-7111 or email us at [email protected].

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