Kärcher Battery Universe: Galactic power, endless possibilities

Work more economically with battery-powered machines.

Kärcher Battery Universe: Galactic power, endless possibilities

by | 28 Apr 2022 | Products

Work more economically with battery-powered machines.

Battery-powered devices in themselves are no longer an innovation. But battery-powered devices that consistently focus on the interests of professional users are. Therefore, Kärcher has launched a range of devices for professionals for its new battery platform. The “Kärcher Battery Universe” includes two battery voltage classes with a continuously growing number of machines ranging from the high-pressure cleaner to the leaf blower through to the multipurpose vacuum cleaner. Both the compact 18 V batteries and the powerful 36 V batteries are available in different capacities in order to cover a wide field of application. Special feature: The batteries are compatible with all Kärcher machines of the same voltage class, whether they belong to Home & Garden or the Professional range.

Real Time Technology

A unique selling point of all Kärcher batteries is the LCD display with real-time technology, which also accurately displays the remaining runtime and charge time. If a machine is not operated for an extended period, the processor-controlled, automatic warehouse mode of the Battery Power battery ensures a long life of the cells.

Reasons for higher productivity & safety

Work without time-consuming tasks and without tripping hazards.

As long as there were no other solutions, hardly a thought was given to the disadvantages of classic mains-operated cleaning devices. But the time-consuming tasks are actually obvious, e.g. when vacuuming: The power cable must be unwound and wound, the user has to pull the device along and unravel the cord when it gets tangled up around furniture or other objects. Power outlets must be found, and changed when the cable no longer reaches. Depending on the application, battery-powered vacuum cleaners save time and also boost productivity by up to 50 percent. Also the so-called spot cleaning, i.e. the removal of individual, obvious dirt, can be completed significantly quicker with battery-powered vacuum cleaners without any set-up time.

Latest innovations

Powerful ultra-lightweight device

There are many applications where light, compact vacuum cleaners are in demand. The new battery-operated backpack vacuum BVL 5/1 Bp from Kärcher combines an extremely low weight of less than 5 kg and high suction power, as well as a long battery runtime. Learn more

This material is robust, made of 96 percent air and is therefore very light. It also absorbs noise and is 100% recyclable. 

Revolutionary mobile fibre-deep cleaning

With the new Puzzi 9/1 Bp Kärcher launches the first battery-powered spray extractor for professional users, which creates completely new opportunities in everyday cleaning, ranges from deep carpet cleaning to the removal of stains on upholstery. Combined with simple handling and very good cleaning performance, the mobility gained ensures that deep cleaning and stain removal on textile surfaces and carpets can be completed almost anytime and anywhere. Learn more

No power outlet – no problem. Maximum freedom.

The cleaning performance is comparable with mains-operated models. Without any annoying cable, battery-powered machines offer maximum freedom of movement and are ready for use in an instant.