Hygienic Design by MEC2: Solutions in Functionality and Concept

by | 23 May 2020 | Suppliers

New Sanitizer Stations and a Be Safe Board by MEC2

The coronavirus outbreak will transform hotels, restaurants, conference centers, actually all areas where people come together – but some changes will be short-term and fleeting, with others long-term and lasting. How to know which is which? For designers (and owners picking up the tab for fit-out) spotting the difference between a short-term fad and a long-term trend is an investment issue.

The Designers of MEC2 have used the last few weeks to look ahead and asked the question: What should a hygiene concept look like? Which measures will be improvised and only implemented temporarily, for a few weeks or months? Or is there a strategically approach, lasting and sustainable, to a meaningful innovation in safety protection and privacy?

In the first step, it resulted in various new designs of hygiene stations, useful at the lobby entrance, the lift landings, in front of counters or the restaurant entrances…just to name a few.

The Sanitizer Station by MEC2 offers a hand disinfection dispenser and a drop tray. Drawers for nose mouth masks, paper towels, a waste bin and a mirror to put on the mask. It is ideal for maximum care taking, as you would expect from a luxury hotel.

The Be Safe Board by MEC2 is a reminiscent of the simple shape of a surf board standing upright on a metal base. In its bright colors to wood it fits perfectly in all hotel concepts, from hip to design to classic.



Livecookintable is a German company that produces premium live cooking stations for some of the most exclusive establishments worldwide.



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