Hyatt House Harlem brings new accommodations to historic neighbourhood

by | Nov 23, 2019 | Design

The Hyatt House Harlem offers cool design and a splendid space for social gatherings

Creative Spark finalist at TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR New York, Robert D. Henry’s newest stylish work is evocative of Harlem’s industrial past.

Robert D. Henry, owner and principal of RDHA, attended the recent TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR New York event to present his Hyatt House Harlem as part of the Creative Spark competition.

Located on the west-side along the Hudson River, we were fortunate to get a close look at the property which functions as an extension of Riverside Park. It is our pleasure to share the details with you now.

The Hyatt House Harlem

The most recent instalment of the TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR day-long networking event series and conferences took place on November 12th in the Standard Highline in New York City, in a beautiful wood-accented room overlooking the Hudson River in the city’s revitalized Meatpacking District.

As is customary for the global event series, in between high-energy bouts of networking the attendees learned all about some of the most stylish hotel projects launched recently in the vibrant New York City market.

As always, there were three projects presented as part of the Creative Spark competition, one of which was the Hyatt House Harlem, a new project from Robert D. Henry’s RDHA, an international wellness design firm which prioritizes wellbeing, personal health and longevity.

To say the least, the Hyatt House Harlem is quite impressive.

Historic location and buzzing neighbourhood

One of the Hyatt House Harlem’s key features is its location and the way its history influenced the new hotel’s stunning design.

Located in the planned factory district, Hyatt House Harlem (or HHH) harkens back to the area’s industrial warehouse past, doing so with a series of industrial-like ribbon windows and a dark brick facade.

The building base also features a two-story hanging garden atrium which welcomes guests and links to a second-floor event space as well as a lower level amenity floor which houses a fitness area, gathering room, social seating, guest kitchen and dining area.

The surrounding neighbourhood is also inspiring, with the hotel being close to The Cotton Club, a 100-year-old space for jazz. It’s an area sure to attract nearby college students, visiting European tourists interested in history and, of course, trendy Harlem hipsters.

After giving a truly impressive presentation about the area, the design and the space, Henry invited the delegates to, “come uptown and visit our Harlem House.”

Everyone in the room seemed interested in doing so.


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