Glam factor bathroom: luxurious home trend

by | 12 Mar 2020 | Products

Product shown: Freestanding Kaldewei Ellipso Duo Oval bath in Alpine White.

Premium manufacturer KALDEWEI is redefining the luxury-oriented home trend with its steel enamel bathroom solutions, which are the real stars in the bathroom.

Modern Glamour, or Modern Glam for short, is the art of the unexpected. It’s a combination of minimalism with luxurious elements whereby reflective materials and metal accents bring lustre into the room. Premium manufacturer Kaldewei is redefining this luxury-oriented home trend with its steel enamel bathroom solutions, which are the real stars in the bathroom; adding the quintessential glam factor. The non-porous, sparkling surfaces of Kaldewei’s beautiful baths, washbasins and floor-level showers deliver a daily serving of luxury in the bathroom. Details such as the elegant design covers in gold for selected enamelled shower surfaces heighten the glam factor.

Spot on: colours and lighting enhance a sophisticated atmosphere

Anything that recalls the pomp and glory of past times such as; Baroque wallpapers with Louis XIV patterns, chandeliers and paint work in majestic tones – offer the perfect match for a bathroom with the glam factor. Bathroom solutions in Alpine White stand out particularly well against dark wall and floor colours.

Baths, showers and washbasins in the elegant matt shades of the Coordinated Colours Collection can, however, blend harmoniously into the bathroom surroundings as well as making a bold statement. This creates a sophisticated, palatial setting but doesn’t lose touch with modernity. Superior Kaldewei bathroom solutions create the perfect luxurious fit-out, which can be seen as further proof of Kaldewei’s innovative strength and the brand’s ambitious standards.

Freestanding Meisterstücke for personalised luxury

The ultimate show-stopper in the bathroom is a freestanding bath from the Meisterstücke collection. With seamless panelling and superior steel enamel, so smooth it looks as if it has been poured, this Kaldewei bath brings sublime lustre and personalised luxury into the bathroom. The Meisterstücke collections bears the designer hallmark of illustrious designers such Arik Levy or Anke Salomon.

Luxury statement: materials for eternity

Skilfully presented – be it colour-coordinated with floors and tiles – in harmony with other superior materials in the bathroom – such as wood and natural stone or with striking colour contrasts, Kaldewei bathroom solutions are a clear luxury statement. The light naturally reflected by mirrors and glass accentuates the material’s special quality. Pure glam is further heightened by accent lighting and other elegant materials in the bathroom, such as marble.

Gold or silver: pure glamour with metallic accents

Nothing defines Modern Glam style better than metallic accents. A hint of silver or gold brings a touch of glamour, even in the smallest of bathrooms. Now, the elegant design covers for the Kaldewei Nexsys shower surface also provide the opportunity to place metallic accents in the bathroom. In addition, polished stainless steel, polished gold and brushed gold are especially popular surface colours for the design covers of the exclusive enamelled Kaldewei shower surfaces in a Modern Glam bathroom.




KALDEWEI offers bathrooms of superior quality and unmistakable style, with shower surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins made completely of one material.