Gandia Blasco at La Cala Suites Hotel

by | 20 Sep 2021 | Products

La Casa Suites Hotel, Lanzarote, Spain

La Cala Suites Hotel, a five-star boutique hotel immersed in the island’s nature, is our contract project in Lanzarote. It involves two Gandia Blasco Group brands, Gandia Blasco and Diabla, with which we have equipped the outdoor areas.

Situated on Playa Blanca, the seafront on the south coast of the island, La Cala Suites Hotel offers fantastic panoramic views of beautiful Canarian coves. Firstly, the architectural and Mediterranean essence of our Gandia Blasco outdoor furniture collections fit in perfectly with the philosophy of the project, while Diabla’s colourful and original designs encourage guests to freely inhabit the outdoor areas while enjoying Lanzarote’s good weather all year round.

The organic design that surrounds the hotel’s swimming pool reminds us about the undulating nature of the nearby shore. In this encounter between wood, stone and water, the edges of the pool appear in white, emulating the foam of the waves as they reach the sand.

Surrounding this oasis are the 356 sun loungers, an original design by José A Gandía-Blasco Canales and Pablo Gironés for Diabla, encouraging us to sunbathe close to the water. Finished in white and made of 100% recyclable polyethylene, they are ergonomic and highly resistant to intensive use, making them perfect for the location they are in. Additionally, thanks to their features and wave-like design, they can be half-submerged in the water, generating an impressive effect.

In the solarium, there are also other models of sun loungers, such as the Chill outdoor beds with reclining backrests, our exclusive design by José A Gandía-Blasco Canales for Gandia Blasco. These beds have a white thermo-lacquered aluminum structure and waterproofed polyurethane foam rubber cushions and mattresses customised in pink, a colour that appears frequently in the different parts of the decoration. Interspersed between each pair of Chill sun loungers are the practical outdoor side tables from the 356 collection.

Comfort, design and colour unite in an essential design that transfers the cosiness of an indoor bed to the outside using contemporary materials. The raised daybed, Daybed, is an original design by José A Gandía-Blasco Canales for Gandia Blasco, and includes the same architectural features while generating a space of intimacy by filtering the sun’s rays and the sea breeze through the plastic fabric canvas. Chill and Daybed create small customisable oases on terraces, in gardens or in large contract facilities such as Cala Suites Hotel.

Pink touches reappear in the pool bar area thanks to the stackable Vent outdoor chairs and high designer stools by Made Studio, and the Mona outdoor tables and high tables, both collections by Diabla and perfect for spending long periods of time outdoors. While Vent stands out for the simple aesthetic of its zinc-plated steel and rigid polyurethane structure, the Mona table, available in various heights, includes a circular phenolic tabletop available in various diameters.

On another one of the pool’s edges are the sun loungers with wheels from the Stack collection, an original design by Borja García for Gandia Blasco. Thermo-lacquered in anthracite and white, they convey the essence of nautical aesthetics and evoke the retro elegance of the ’60s and ’70s. They are stackable and easy to move, and resistant to UV rays and humidity thanks to the special outdoor Batyline fabric body that features on the aluminum structure.

Picnic hammocks are also the choice for terraces and private gardens for some of the most exclusive suites. Picnic, by José A Gandía-Blasco Canales, is an iconic and light design which, in its monochromatic pink version, is particularly colourful and original. They reinterpret the contemporary materials, colours and proportions of the traditional beach chairs and hammocks of yesteryear. Made of wood and fabric, Picnic provides a casual and foldable design and can be enjoyed on any small or large open terrace.

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Family company Gandia Blasco Group was founded by José Gandía Blasco in the 1940s, and reinvented by his son José A Gandía-Blasco Canales, the current chairman, together with his team led by Sergio Pastor, director general.