Gancedo is awash with geometry and colour at the presentation of its latest fabric collections

by | 23 Jul 2020 | Suppliers

Gancedo is clearly backing colour with its Chromatics collection, a compendium of textures and mock plains arranged in a masterful colour scheme. As for Contract, it will feature two flame retardant collections with small- and large-scale geometrical patterns.

Chromatics, the emotion conveyed by colours

Colour is a guiding principle in interior design, it is our language. Colour changes everything, keeps rooms alive. Colour is emotion. And Gancedo has set out to create emotions with Chromatics, a collection capable of weaving relationships between people and the spaces they inhabit.

Chromatics is a collection comprising two double-hangers holding 14 patterns (in different finishes and textures) in 111 fabulous colourways, all totally on-trend. Chromatics features a range of incredibly resilient, long-lasting fabrics, a co-ordinated collection, with multiple applications, which can be used in each and every decorating scheme.

In it we find on-trend colours including warm ochre tones: coffee, clay, caramel, copper…  at ease with pastels: cherry blossom, vanilla, flamingo pink… and a cascade of petrol blues, greyish green, seaweed green and forest green, all of them blended with colours which are easy to mix and match, such as navy blue, denim blue and steel grey.

Mosaik, Le Corbusier’s heritage made velvet

Mosaik features a geometrical pattern in velvet, combining straight and curved lines in cut and épinglé velvet. Inspired by the functionalist architecture of Le Corbusier, who eschewed ornamentation and whose basic tools were the ruler and the set square.

Manufactured in viscose, cotton and polyester, it has been rendered flame retardant complying with EN 1021 PART 1&2; in addition, its 40,000 Martindale cycles make it perfect for heavily used upholstery.

Vitral, the flame retardant satin that draws the eye

Vitral is a geometrically patterned print inspired by the abstract art developed by the Cubists in France from 1923-1924, influenced by the Vienna Workshop and, subsequently, by the Bauhaus.

A multicoloured flame retardant fabric produced in 100% Trevira CS satin, it comes in a double width of 3 metres. The pattern is formed using the most basic shapes: squares, rectangles and triangles, in thoughtful combinations of different colours, including blue and terracotta ranges, both coordinated with grey, white and marengo.



Since 1945, Gancedo designs, manufacture and commercialize textiles according to the aesthetic and decorative trends of the moment.



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Gancedo is awash with geometry and colour at the presentation of its latest fabric collections
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