Don’t touch me – solutions for extra hygiene in sanitary rooms

by | 16 Feb 2021 | Products

Measures to promote hygiene and prevent infection are indispensable in public and semi-public buildings. This is especially true for sanitary rooms. Read on to find out how to make sanitary rooms hygienically safer places to be.

Visible urinal flush controls located above the urinal ceramic.

Touchless flush actuation for toilets

Touchless actuator plates facilitate flush actuation without direct manual contact. The flush is triggered automatically as a result of either your hand approaching the actuator plate or stepping away from the toilet. With the various design stripes of Geberit actuator plates and covers, you can set stylish accents in semi-public and public sanitary rooms.

The multi-award-winning design of the Sigma80 has a surface that is made from high-quality glass and features a durable LED light available in five different colours to match any bathroom setting.

Touchless urinal flush controls

New for 2021: Geberit Narva urinal ceramic appliance

Geberit also offers a versatile touchless range for urinal flush controls. This includes the touchless, visible urinal flush controls located above the urinal ceramic. The flush actuation is triggered automatically by infrared sensors as soon as the user moves away from the urinal.

An additional stylish model comes in the form of the hidden urinal flush controls that are completely built-in. Sensors placed behind the urinal ceramic appliance ensure that the flush is activated automatically in the event of flow changes in the trap.

Urinal controls from Geberit can be flexibly combined.

Retrofitted hygiene

The intelligent Geberit system technology means touchless components for toilets and urinals can usually be retrofitted with minimal effort. If no mains connection is available, battery-operated solutions offer mains-independent alternatives. It is also possible to use the Geberit generator, which generates the energy for electronic valves from the flow of water.

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