by | 10 Feb 2020 | Products

The new TAFELSTERN collection CREATE! invites chefs to set out on creative journeys into the world of constantly changing, international gastro-styles. With its unusual design and looks, the newcomer in delicate NOBLE CHINA creates an entirely new world between the realms of nostalgia and adventure, because the clarity of form interweaves with romantically exuberant ribbons in the relief. This combination provides the perfect backdrop for a wide range of culinary styles. From traditional, regional specialities to experimental trend cuisine.

The elegant flat plates are a fusion of coupe and rimmed forms, and offer the advantages of both: The generous well offers almost endless creative freedom, while the rim is not only service-friendly, but also prevents sauces running. The well remains exclusively reserved for the guest’s enjoyment of culinary delights.

The collection is predestined to make appearances in an enormous variety of settings. It feels equally at home in a rustic country inn, a swishy fine-dining opera-house bistro or a cool industrial loft restaurant.

CREATE! is made from a fascinating material: NOBLE CHINA. This delicate hard porcelain fired at a temperature of 1400°C is manufactured entirely without lead, cadmium or animal components.



TAFELSTERN is the brand name for the ambitious international restaurant and hotel segment.