Color up your everyday – Color in your Duravit bathroom

Designer Christian Werner explains the color concept of his design series Vitrium

Tone-On-Tone Bathrooms with Vitrium, DuraSquare and Millio

Duravit has unveiled an innovative vision for designer bathrooms, featuring the creative input of product designer Christian Werner. This pioneering concept introduces the modern and vibrantly colorful bathroom.

Christian Werner personally curated the captivating color palette, comprising a total of six distinctive tones that harmonize seamlessly. These tones are thoughtfully categorized into three neutral shades and three rich shades, offering every customer the opportunity to discover the perfect color palette for their unique dream bathroom. The matte surfaces exude an elegant presence, imparting subtle focal points throughout the bathroom space. These carefully selected tones complement various other finishes such as wood, stone, concrete, and matching tiles. This cohesive approach ensures that the colors complement each other effortlessly, whether employed individually or combined to create dynamic arrangements.

In addition to the furniture and washbasins available from the Vitrium series, Duravit presents an accompanying bathtub selection from the DuraSquare series, all available in the same captivating colors. The Millio series of wall-mounted toilets, envisioned by renowned Italian designer Antonio Bullo, also embraces these identical color variations. This meticulously curated color collection spans across the entire product series, allowing for a fully harmonized tone-on-tone bathroom aesthetic. Moreover, diverse textured finishes offer enhanced customization possibilities, allowing individuals to tailor their bathroom space to their unique preferences.

A standout feature is the special customization option, accessible with an order quantity of 24 pieces. The Millio series can then be meticulously crafted in any RAL color chosen by the customer. This exceptional level of customization extends to the Vitrium series as well, attainable with an order quantity of 30 pieces.

Overall, Duravit presents an innovative approach to personalized bathrooms. True to Duravit’s motto of “Upgrade your everyday”, they now also offer customers the option to “Color Up” your everyday.



Founded in 1817 in Hornberg in the Black Forest, Duravit is today a leading international manufacturer of designer bathrooms.