Brintons turns parlor games into carpet with new axminster design collection

by | 06 Mar 2020 | Products

Brintons Parlor collection

Global industry leader in luxury woven carpets, Brintons, is excited to announce its latest axminster design collection inspired by collaboration and communal creative spaces, The Parlor.

Born from a drawing game Surrealist artists played to pass time and unlock the true creative essence of the unconscious, The Parlor is a collection of one of a kind axminster designs with surprising linear transitions. Glowing neon hues contrast with moody velvet textures calling us to our local watering holes and reminding us of the intimate social spaces occupied by literature + art’s greats. Inspired by a space defined by community, The Parlor hinges on successful collaboration and exists as a conduit for unapologetic creation. Woven in Brintons signature 80% wool, 20% nylon yarn blend, designs from the collection will be fully customisable to suit the parameters of any flooring project. Following the rules of an age-old artist’s game called the Exquisite Corpse, Brintons designers joined forces to produce unique hand drawn works of art. Each designer was tasked with completing a quarter of a drawing and shipping it to the next player in the game. Las Vegas based Brintons designer, Sam Hoeffer comments on the process, “It was reminiscent of art projects we used to do in college which served as a nostalgic reminder that no matter where we are in our creative careers, we’re all still students of art.” The next player is tasked with continuing the previous designer’s work by only exposing a half inch of the drawing. The game leaves us with unexpected transitions between each drawing as the result of creatives expressing themselves while also leaning into collaboration. Likening the development process behind The Parlor to a manufacturer’s role in the interior design industry, Hoeffer explains: “Sometimes we forget that our carpet is a humble component of a larger project. It is important to be mindful of how the carpet has to relate to the architecture, light fixtures, furniture, fabrics, etc. It’s like the Exquisite Corpse idea in that we are creating one smaller piece among other unknown smaller pieces. All of those things come together as one whole cohesive entity.” The inky illustrations traveled across North and South America, finally making their way back to the home office in Atlanta, GA where they were photographed. The digital files were then distributed to different groups of designers to be translated into woven axminster carpet. Four symbiotic drawings and twelve one of a kind woven axminster carpets are the collateral of a collaborative exercise leaving us to question the rules of line + colour.


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