Basic-Tape 2 produced by Hera

by | 10 Jul 2022 | Products

Create a pleasant ambience for your guests.

Use dimmable light 

In the living room and bedroom, people usually prefer warm white light.

For reading, you need a higher light intensity than for watching TV or relaxing.

It is therefore ideal if the light volume can be dimmed depending on the situation and mood.

The solution: Dimmable light (ww)


  • Connection: LED-Trafo DC 24V
  • Lifespan: L70/B10 ≥ 50.000 hours
  • Colour rendering: Ra/CRI > 95 (P/M: >90)



As a family company in its third generation, Hera develops, produces and sells LED lighting for the furniture industry as well as for shopfitting and exhibition-stand construction.