ARCOTEL group rebrands and rolls out MEHR Hotel brand [Infographic]

by | 03 Apr 2020 | Portfolio

At ARCOTEL guests can expect a little more – of everything. (Photo: Harald Eisenberger/ARCOTEL Hotels)

ARCOTEL goes the extra step with service in Germany and Austria with its new MEHR Hotel brand.

From now on, the Austrian hotel group ARCOTEL is positioning itself as “ARCOTEL – Das MEHR Hotel” which means as much as “ARCOTEL – The Hotel with More”.

Its special 27-point service program proves that “Das MEHR Hotel” is more than just a claim for example by offering “Just in Case” packages, an exclusive pillow menu and the ARCOTEL Achterl, which means guests ordering a single glass of wine can always expect a generous pour.

We find out more about this new brand and its promise of impeccable, customised service.

An anniversary and a fresh start

In 2019, the company celebrated its 30th anniversary and gave itself a special birthday present – complete redesign and realignment. This was done in collaboration with the renowned institute for multi-dimensional brand development BRAND +. Together with BRAND +, the hotel group developed a sharpened brand profile and concrete steps to attract the target group.

“A survey of guests, sales partners and employees showed us which aspects ARCOTEL already masters. These aspects had to be strengthened and expanded,” said Martin Lachout, CEO of ARCOTEL Hotel AG.

“We don’t sit back and rest on our laurels. The market is so fast-paced and dynamic that we have to keep our eyes and ears open and listen carefully to our guests, partners and teams. While “smart technology” and “less is more” are in vogue everywhere, we at ARCOTEL deliberately choose a different path,” Mr Lachout elaborated.

“We focus on people. Personal service is indispensable. No machine can replace direct contact. We take care of our guests, take their needs seriously and create a place where people like to arrive and stay,” he went on to say.

ARCOTEL – Just a little more of everything

The new brand strategy sets the bar high for ARCOTEL. Dr. Renate Wimmer, the owner of the ARCOTEL Group, emphasizes: “We may be able to satisfy our guests with rooms and restaurants, but we want to do much more than that. We want to exceed guest expectations and surprise them in all of our hotels. This makes guests come back and eventually turns them into friends.”

This is exactly what makes the MORE brand strategy so special: small attentions to detail, surprising amenities, thoughtful services that make the stay easy and uncomplicated for guests – this will support and expand the company’s existing success in the future.

ARCOTEL’s attitude manifests itself in a special service program which already includes 27 points such as upgrades that go beyond the usual room category bump. Rather, individual guest needs are met with empathy. Well-thought-out tools, such as “Just in case” packages offer support in all situations.

ARCOTEL has particularly high standards in terms of sleeping comfort: sound insulation in rooms that goes beyond the norm, particularly back-friendly mattresses, fair-trade bed linen and a pillow menu ensure restful sleep.

In its food and beverage department, the hotel group relies on the family principle. For example, second helpings are offered for certain dishes, which is otherwise only known from home. A special focus is placed on breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Quality, freshness and regionality are the three pillars.

Finally, ARCOTEL’s special “Signature Move” will be the “ARCOTEL Achterl.” From now on, open wines will be served in specially marked glasses when guests order an Achterl wine (a pour of 125 ml) to ensure guests always get a generous pour.

“Would you like a little more?” has become more than just a phrase at ARCOTEL. Here, the generosity is lived out in exceptional hospitality every day.

In addition to spicing up the numerous services, guests can experience at the hotels and before their stay, the company is also breaking new ground in terms of design and style. A slim, contemporary corporate design was implemented. The legendary ARCOTEL logo got a re-touch and is now presented with the addition “Das MEHR Hotel”.

Offering MORE for the team

For a strategy to become practice, the MORE principle is also directed inwards at its team “The most beautiful rooms and the best location are worth nothing if the personal service is not right,” said Martin Lachout. “In order for our guests to experience the best service, we have to be the best employer. Then a job becomes a passion. And our guests feel that.”

Step by step, internal processes are now being revised and organizational while administrative barriers are being dismantled and more benefits and further training opportunities for employees are being worked on.

Owner Dr. Renate Wimmer emphasizes: “At ARCOTEL we are a family. Cohesiveness, appreciation and mutual support are particularly important to us. We have an obligation to our employees that we take very seriously.”

“We want to be The MORE Hotel for them too. It starts with visually appealing and functional workplaces, attractive employee social rooms, comfortable uniforms and attractive training courses that should bring MORE than pure specialist knowledge to the team.”

According to our TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION online database, there are 56 upcoming hotel projects in the pipeline in Austria:



The ARCOTEL group, one of the largest privately owned Austrian enterprises in the tourism sector, is clearly positioned in the city and business hotels.