Announcing Program Phoenix: Use TECH to overcome the impact of COVID-19

by | 23 Jun 2020 | Products

Hoist Group launches the hospitality industry’s unique COVID19 recovery program: Program Phoenix – helping hotels use tech to solve COVID induced challenges. Lots of the tech is FREE, discounted or on subscription prices. Limited places – JOIN NOW>>

Solna, Sweden – June 17, 2020: The hospitality sector has been severely impacted by COVID-19. But the good news is that hotels around the world are opening their doors once again via a new, transformed, socially-distanced guest journey with a primary focus on stringent health and safety guidelines.

Today, Hoist Group is launching Program Phoenix to support hotels across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) to not only meet the requirements of the post-COVID-19 world, but also start to thrive again in this challenging environment. “Comprising 20 very special offers, Program Phoenix is the broadest, most ambitious support program in the industry to date, and we are very proud to bring this to the market today.“ said Alfonso Tasso, CEO at Hoist Group. Phoenix is a testament to the breadth of product portfolio of Hoist Group, which is unrivalled in the hospitality industry: Paperless check-in, eVouchers systems, Mobile keys, Smartphones as remote controls, Cast to TV streaming, carrier-grade network management, staff task management software, etc. This program is open to all hotels, not just existing Hoist Group customers. It is free to join, and those who do will gain access to a host of resources including social-distancing focused videos, one-to-one consultations, guides and checklists. The Program goes further, and in concert with select industry partners, also offers access to a wide range of hotel technologies, much of which is available either for free or at a very special offer price to hotels that sign up. Tasso added – “I am delighted to launch not only Program Phoenix as an enabler to all those hotels out there, but also, Hoist Group’s new Subscription-based business model to support hotels in their investments to meet the ‘new normal’ technology requirements of the post-COVID-19 world.” COVID-19 will not only change the Hospitality landscape and guest journey forever but also restrict budgets. This new Subscription-based business model will ease this restriction by allowing hotels to use new technologies for a simple, monthly flat fee. Tasso concluded, “We need to do our part to support the industry recover, adapt and grow again. Modifying the way we charge by introducing a much simpler model is an important part of that effort.” Learn more about Program Phoenix by clicking here.

Press Contact: Mohammed ShaHead of [email protected]

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