A hotel owner’s guide to sustainable operations

by | 25 Feb 2020 | Products

Because sustainability requires uprooting operation strategies and ensuring application at a very granular level, owners cannot accomplish this feat alone.

Sustainability is going to be a critical, recurring theme in the coming years and impossible to escape. Hotel owners are being challenged to rethink accepted practices in order to make way for more sustainable efforts. Because sustainability requires uprooting operation strategies and ensuring application at a very granular level, owners cannot accomplish this feat alone. It is necessary to work with design and procurement experts who can realize their vision effectively.

Building a Strong Supply Chain System – Hotel Design

For sustainability to be successfully applied as a strategy, it must be imprinted within hotel DNA. This begins with design itself. In addition to being guest friendly and aesthetically pleasing, a hotel property must be operationally efficient. Design elements may seem like an abstract concept but become critical as the hotel edges closer to pre-opening as they are far more than aesthetics. Partnering with the right procurement consultant is necessary. They can advise on existing redesign of certain elements such as:

  • Installing solar panels for efficient use of electricity
  • Addition of insulated windows can allow guests to enjoy natural sunlight reducing the need for electricity
  • Planting scenic gardens that can yield organic produce for hotel food and beverage and reduce carbon footprint
  • Working on your hotel property to become LEED certified

Building a Strong Supply Chain System – Hotel Operations

Embedding sustainability into hotel operations is especially impactful on its supply chain. It can begin as early as selecting the right fabric on the furniture for your guestrooms. Procurement consultants can advise on these elements along with to ensure that a well devised BoQ is prepared beforehand to negate accidental over-ordering. During specification development workshops, consultants can advise on building a strong supply chain that is sustainable but profitable. While solid wood casegoods, are expensive they can be a sustainable choice in the long run because they outlast engineered wood items. To reduce renovation requirements, walls can be painted with darker colors that show less wear and tear over the years. Other sustainable choices can include using recycled material across the property. Owners can also work with procurement consultants that are part of group purchasing organizations to ensure price stability.

A sustainable way of operations must extend across a hotel property for maximum efficiency. Working together with design and procurement experts, owners can ensure that their operations are both, sustainable and profitable.

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