WMF presents new “WMF espresso NEXT” generation of portafilters

Next Level Barista Experience

The WMF espresso NEXT semi-automatic portafilter takes the process-reliable barista culture of WMF Professional Coffee Machines to the next level. New features for automated processes in coffee preparation and simpler operation of the machines offer the clear bonus of consistently excellent coffee quality. At the same time, the aesthetic and dynamic machine design underscores the genuine barista feel. “The WMF espresso NEXT combines the best of two worlds: all the benefits and emotionality of a traditional portafilter with the undeniable advantages of a modern, fully automatic coffee machine,“ says Axel Fähnle, Head of Marketing, Professional Coffee Machines, WMF GmbH.

Barista coffee quality

The portafilter concept of WMF Professional Coffee Machines has always been a guarantee of high coffee quality with maximum process reliability: while the machine itself underscores the traditional flair of Italian coffee culture, its inner workings guarantee that all time-consuming and error-prone tasks – such as grinding and tamping the beans or foaming the milk – are performed automatically. The new WMF espresso NEXT enhances these advantages with a wide range of automation functions and convinces with exceptional design.


Even more quality

With the new “Auto Milk Dispensing“ option, the WMF espresso NEXT offers even more milk expertise than before. At the touch of a button, the system draws just the right quantity of milk and foams it to the desired consistency.
The result? Finest specialities with no superfluous milk residues, and service personnel have time to take care of other customer wishes.
The ”americano“ function is also new. It allows preparation of the popular beverage at the touch of a button and accelerates workflows.

Even better design

The trendy design of the WMF espresso NEXT unites traditional barista flair with lightweight surfaces and shapes. The unusual position of the machine feet lends the portafilter a floating effect, while the brewing groups set special design accents with their eye-catching style. Subtle lighting elements on the rear side of the machine create a sophisticated ambience. Functional aspects also play a key role in the design concept of the WMF espresso NEXT: stainless steel elements in the working area mean easy, hygienic cleaning, while the lighting behind the brewing groups ensure a clear view of the working area.


Even better performance

The new WMF Auto Steam concept provides an additional performance boost. This advanced procedure allows simultaneous use of the two configurable, automatic steam lances in the two sides of the machine. In this way, service personnel can process two pots with different milk types or milk alternatives at the same time – doubling machine output. A further barista feature: each WMF Auto Steam steam lance can access up to six stored foam profiles. Each milk foam and plant-based offering can thus be foamed and prepared in the perfect way.

Further highlights for users are the design and function of the portafilter elements. Thanks to their new, lean handle shape, they can be inserted even more easily at the beginning of the brewing process. When the desired beverage has been selected, the machine locks the portafilter closure until the finished product is in the cup. In addition, a complementary communication LED strip on the edge of the machine display indicates that the machine is in production mode.


Even more barista feel

Operating the new WMF espresso NEXT couldn’t be more convenient. Each brewing group now has a separate display clearly arranged areas for coffee and milk preparation. And last but not least, the new portafilter has been equipped with the digital solution platform “WMF CoffeeConnect“, allowing the read-out and analysis of machine data as well as integration into upstream and downstream systems.


Image requests

You can download images here: https://aboutwmf.com/de/download/wmf-espresso-next/



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