Winter wonderland comes to life in luxurious Gstaad Palace in Switzerland

by | 28 Jan 2020 | Design

The Gstaad Palace, the epitome of Swiss luxury in the Alps, makes for a magical winter break. (Photo: Gault&Millau)

Gstaad Palace epitomises Swiss mountain style and elegance.

A palace hotel in the Swiss Alps is the pinnacle of Alpine luxury and invites guests to experience this unique hotel and environment for its winter and summer seasons.

From the charming design to the stunning location, this property does not disappoint.

We take a look inside.

Alpine bliss at the Gstaad Palace

Located in the upscale ski resort of Gstaad in the Swiss Alps, the iconic Gstaad Palace towers above the landscape, as much an integral part of the remote village’s skyline as the snow-capped peaks themselves. The hotel is imbued with history and forms part of Switzerland’s national story.

Over the years, the property (Switzerland’s only family-run luxury hotel) has hosted a number of international celebrities and dignitaries, including Louis Armstrong, Liz Taylor and Marc Chagall, as well as acting as a treasure chest for the government’s collection of gold during the Second World War.

This captivating 5-star hotel has all of the charm you’d expect from a palatial property in the Alps, and wows both inside and out.

Become part of the family

In terms of the type of service, guests can expect at the Gstaad Palace, there is a firm focus on treating everyone who stays in the hotel as if they too are part of the family.

The rooms’ interiors, which have quaint names such as Cosy Mountain View or Alpine Suite Mountain View, are kitted out like comfortable and intimate Swiss chalets, with plaid fabrics covering the walls and natural materials such as wooden roof beams, window frames and rough-hewn tables complementing the neutral colour palette.

This apartment-style atmosphere of the guest rooms makes those who stay at the Palace feel as if they are always coming home to an understated elegance when they retire to their rooms or suites.

Romance, activity and culture in the Alps

The hotel’s proprietors pride themselves on being able to offer guests tailored experiences which will appeal to every holiday maker.

Whether it’s a couple on their honeymoon, a family on a ski holiday or a group of friends looking to experience Swiss culture, there is something for everyone at the Gstaad Palace hotel. The hotel offers many packages, so they’ve taken all the hard work out of planning your trip.

Whitewater rafting, snowshoeing, skiing, mountain biking, you name it, there is an endless array of outdoor activities to keep you busy.

For those looking to relax, the luxurious Palace Spa offers guests the chance to use the hammam, fitness centre and swimming pool.

The hotel also has several dining options where guests can choose from local Swiss cuisine, like raclette, a traditional Alpine cheese and wine experience or international fare.

The Gstaad Palace from the inside. (Photo: Gault&Millau)