Wellbeing through fitness: Life Fitness heat row

by | 16 Jun 2022 | Products

The links between fitness and well-being are well documented, especially after the pandemic, which has changed the way we work, live, shop, holiday, and exercise.

According to a McKinsey study, 79% of consumers consider wellbeing important and for 42% it is a top priority.

Moreover, after the pandemic, the desire to travel has increased, but so have the expectations of travelers and guests, who are more demanding after having been unable to travel for a long time.

Therefore, creating wellbeing experiences capable of delighting and satisfying guests’ expectations has become a fundamental challenge to solve.

One way to exceed health and wellbeing expectations is through fitness solutions in your hotel with state-of-the-art products, such as the Life Fitness Heat Row.

The Heat Row brings a powerful, modern design combined with the smooth feel of a premium commercial-grade rower to up the intensity of workouts and complement classic cardio solutions such as the treadmill and bike, creating delightful wellbeing experiences. In addition, the advanced TFT console offers high-tech digital feedback.

As the fitness industry’s largest supplier of commercial equipment, Life Fitness draws upon its many years of experience to help customers create bespoke wellbeing offerings. Whether it’s adapting an existing space,
launching a new gym, or providing in-room solutions, Life Fitness manages the process from start to finish; from equipment selection and layout, through to staff training and customer communications, the team can support the
entire consumer journey.

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