Villa Martine shines with the elegance of high-end furnishings by Talenti

Designed by architect Franco Pè, this magnificent residence in Sardinia features the iconic collections created by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba and Ramon Esteve.

Villa Martine shines with the elegance of high-end furnishings by Talenti

by | 13 Jun 2022 | Products

Designed by architect Franco Pè, this magnificent residence in Sardinia features the iconic collections created by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba and Ramon Esteve.

Miata Arzachena, 2022 – After the successful collaboration for the rehabilitation of the prestigious Grand Hotel Victoria in Menaggio, Studio Pè and Talenti, the iconic brand of high-end outdoor design, are together again for this beautiful residence in Miata Arzachena, Sardinia.

The project

“Villa Martine”, is an exclusive luxury residence just a few minutes from the sea and the town of Porto Cervo. It is located on a hill from which it is possible to enjoy the view of the sea even from inside the house thanks to its orientation and the large windows overlooking the panorama. The Villa is made up of several bodies that are organically distributed within the context, as well as the swimming pool and the different paths. The buildings in the area are the main villa, characterized by a living room-dining area and master bedroom that overlook the large terraces and completed by a secondary bedroom and kitchen; distributed along the slope of the land, two volumes have been created dedicated to annexes for guests and a third body dedicated to this function is located near the main villa.  The swimming pool integrated with the rock is the focal point between the various parts of the villa and from here the paths branch off towards the terrace with a glass bridge over the water, at the main entrance via a staircase “suspended” between the rocks and at the walkways lying on the various levels of the hill. The richness of atmospheres and environments and the use of local materials such as stone preserved in its purity even within the spaces and integrated with the furnishings finely enriches each element used, creating a sumptuous and elegant atmosphere.

The interiors are a fusion of materials and furnishings with clean and simple lines, such as the wood panelling and the stone and teak floors, contrasted with some “exceptional” and design elements that make the project unique.

The lush terraces host various pieces of furniture from our Talenti collections: From the elegant and sophisticated Cruise to the versatile and glamorous Cliff; from the balanced and refined Casilda to the swaying and original Panama E Jackie.

A perfect mix that embellishes this magical and suggestive location through design and comfort.

Talenti’s Funiture

Sofa and armchair Cruise Teak by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

Extremely versatile, the Modular Sofa of the Cruise Teak Collection is perfect to design your outside living area. Entirely modular, the product maintains the quality and the style of the collection. The structure of its modules is made of wood indeed. The synthetic rope is used for the cover of armrests and backrest. The cushions’ fabric, carefully selected, makes the sofa weatherproof. The natural and light colours proposed by this collection, together with the various combinations supplied by the product’s modules, make the Modular Sofa ideal for each outside environment.

Living Armchair Cruise Teak by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

The Living Armchair’s wide and comfortable seat of the Cruise Teak Collection is made fully functional by the cushions’ fabric. Removable, washable and weather resistant, the fabric, such as the ropes used for the armrests and the backrest, make the product perfect for the outdoor environment. The base, in solid wood, together with the cushions’ light colours, recalls the nautical theme of the collection.

Sun bed Cruise Teak by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

The Cruise Teak sun bed is characterized by an entire wooden structure. The big back wheels, recall the nautical and natural style of this fine collection. The cushions, with removable covers, are padded with quick dry foam, combining the functionality of an outdoor furniture piece with the refined design of a timeless product enriched by carefully selected fabrics.

Pouf Cruise Teak by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

The Pouf of the Cruise Teak Collection is ideal for personalizing outside furniture. The square shape of the top, realized with elasticised synthetic belts, is supported by a solid wood structure and recalls the nature inspired theme of the collection.

Dining Chair Cruise Teak by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

The Dining Chair of the Cruise Teak Collection is linear in shapes but never banal. The comfortable and high seat, realized in quick dry foam, is covered with weatherproof fabric. The wood of the base and the ropes used to cover the backrest and the armrests make the product in line with the concept of the collection.

Casilda Daybed by Ramon Esteve

The key elements of the entire collection flow into the Casilda daybed. The powder coating stainless steel frame has a light and refined taste, in contrast to the generous volumes of the cushions: a new play of lights and lines has been created. The elastic belts used for the backrest and the canopy allow the light to filter gently and naturally, while the warm and enveloping fabrics used for the curtains, give to this product an elegant and welcoming look: it the best choice to enjoy a relaxing moment in your leisure time.

Panama Living Relax Armchair by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

Round and wraparound, the structure of Living Relax Armchair of Panama Collection is realized to support and embrace the body. In aluminium and synthetic nautical ropes, the product is ideal for outdoor furniture, even thanks to the different available colours.  Cushions (optionals), matching the different colours, make every moment even more relaxing. Functionality never renounces the armchair design, inspired by the soft shapes of nature.

Panama Daybed relax by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

Large and wraparound, the Daybed of Panama collection is ideal for outdoor furniture. With its great shape, the product is stable thanks to the aluminium used for the structure. The seat is entirely realized with synthetic nautical ropes and the cushion, soft and functional, is realized with weather proof materials. Available in many colours, the Daybed completes the relax area in the garden or by the pool.