Unveiling Revol’s handmade decoration techniques

Handmade decor is a valuable knowledge and asset of Revol, which takes an important place in the elaboration of new collections and bespoke projects.

At Revol, a team of skilled decorators make all the decor by hand. They prepare the colours and apply them using different methods. Let us talk about our three main techniques of decoration!

Decalcomania decoration

It is applied directly on the enamel. First, the decalcomania decoration is put into water at 20 – 30°C for one or two minutes until the paper comes off.

Then, the decorator delicately applies the decor and the varnish on the product. They smooth it out and get rid of the water, making sure that there is no air bubble underneath the decor.

Before firing the product, they let it dry for a few hours. The varnish that holds the colours burns when firing the product, leaving only the decor on the product. This technique is mainly used for the Crumpled collection.

Paintbrush decor

The preparation of the colours is very important because it can completely alter the result if it is not well done. The pigment (in the form of powder) must be mixed with links and mediums to get the right texture and be applied on the product.

Colours need to be well mixed with water, to be crushed and uniform to be applied with a paintbrush. Once the brush has the right amount of colour (another important step), the decorator applies the colour using different ways depending on the expected result.

They need to find the right pressure to apply with the brush and pay attention to the colour density. For Revolution lids, they brush the piece very lightly to get this brushed look.

Spray decor

The colour is sprayed on the product using a spray gun. This technique requires a regular pressure and a lot of stability. Particular attention must be given to the settings of the air / colour rate proportion to get the desired outcome.

The product is placed on a rotating support: the decorator sprays the colour while it is rotating to ensure that the colour is distributed evenly on the piece. Then, the decorator comes in with a sponge for the final touch up, giving it the right texture and look. You can see this decor on our Solstice collection.

After the decor

Once the piece is decorated, it is fired in a kiln from 750°C.

The heat always reveals the decor: it is not possible to know the final result before firing the product. Therefore, a lot of tests are necessary to make the necessary adjustments for a new decor.

Some colours, such as true gold or platinum, come out completely changed from the kiln. Before being fired, true gold is brown, with a bit of a sticky texture, and is hardly visible on the piece. In the end, it turns out gilded like on the Sphere plates.

Handmade decor is a valuable knowledge and asset of Revol, which takes an important place in the elaboration of new collections and bespoke projects.



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