Triangular awesomeness: Extravagant new Nhow hotel lands in Amsterdam

by | 06 Jan 2020 | Design

Spanish hotel group NH Hotels has opened an exciting new property in Amsterdam, with an eye catching design. (Picture: Nhow)

Triangular stacked blocks designed by famed architecture practice OMA house new Nhow offering.

Spanish hotel group NH Hotels has opened an exciting new property in Amsterdam, with an eye catching design. The latest addition to the group’s Nhow brand portfolio, the new Dutch hotel is a series of stacked triangular blocks made from glass and steel. We take a look inside this innovative hotel.

Nhow ramps up extravagance in Amsterdam

Following debuts in London, Berlin, Milan, Rotterdam and Marseille, NH Hotels’ exclusive Nhow brand has landed to fanfare in Amsterdam. Designed by Dutch architecture practice OMA, known for its cutting edge buildings all over the world, the new Nhow hotel in Amsterdam definitely doesn’t disappoint in terms of its innovative architecture.

The structure is a series of glass and steel triangular slabs stacked on top of each other at different angles so that each point shoots off in the opposite direction. The entire height of the building adds up to 24 floors, and will contain 650 rooms under the moniker of Nhow Amsterdam RAI.

A funfare for all

The new Nhow hotel is located in Amsterdam’s RAI convention centre and entertainment complex, and its design is inspired by a former advertising structure that used to be on the same site. The building’s architect, Reinier de Graaf, said that, “the hotel can be understood as an extension of the RAI complex itself and as part of a new context, giving RAI a new presence in an urban landscape that has changed dramatically.”

The building, although its shape is unusual, will be ideal for a hotel, as the architect has used the dramatic shape to orient the rooms so that each has a view to either the old city of Amsterdam to the north, the airport to the southwest and the widest and most modern point of the city to the southeast.

The hotel will cater for both business and leisure travelers, with ample conference, meetings and event facilities spread over the three upper floors. The ground floors will house shopping and retail facilities, while the first floor will be dedicated to a restaurant and bar.

(Pictures: OMA)


nhow is the NH Hotel Group brand that singles out its most iconic hotels. It adapts to the city hosting it and is constantly evolving.