TOPHOTELDESIGN exclusive: 5 hotels with the best curves

by | 14 Feb 2020 | Design

Soft curves and a gentle greyscale soothe guests at the Radisson Blu Hotel Rostov-On-Don.

Warning – curves ahead! Search #curves on TOPHOTELDESIGN and you’ll understand what the most inviting hotel spaces have in common.

Have you ever entered a place and felt so comfortable and cosy you thought you were at home? Amazing, right?

If you’re wondering how to make guests feel the same way in your space, don’t worry. It’s not magic, it’s a question of the right design – gentle curvatures and flowing shapes create a sense of ease and calm.

To get inspired, search TOPHOTELDESIGN for #curves. We already have, and here are the highlights of our favourite results.

Alice&Fifth at Sandton Sun Hotel, Sandton, South Africa – by Tristan Plessis Studio

In an impactful aesthetic feature, the wall curves up from behind the built-in table sofas to the ceiling. Its carved wood panelling twists the traditional aesthetic of a space and adds a sense of elegance. The theme flows into the venue with a curved bar, rounded seating and wooden doors. This creates a unique style and promotes an environment in which you’re encouraged to engage with those around you.

Alessandra Hotel, Houston, USA – by Rottet Studio and Gensler – Dallas

Using a scheme of gallery white, graphite, gold and jade which is repeated throughout the hotel, this restaurant at the Alessandra Hotel offers guests a warm welcome. The arched white ceiling unites everyone in the space and creates a comfortable, yet elegant atmosphere. The ceiling’s curves are detailed with round lamps casting a gentle light over the round chairs and bar stools. All this combined makes for an intimate and harmonic space.

Radisson Blu, Roston-on-Dov, Rusia – by Sundukovy Sisters

The modern hotel interior at the Radisson Blu Roston-on-Dov, charms guests with its high arched windows whose shape is drawn into the design and decoration of the space to create a perfect symbiosis. The round seating and pocket sofas set around the circular wooden table evoke an embracing feeling which is reinforced by a tasteful selection of art. For guests, this creates the perfect combination of intimacy and individuality.

Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah Dubai, UAE – by Silver Fox Studios and DAR

This innovative space is designed to represent flower petals and blooming cacti forms found in the UAE’s arid desert plains. The space’s organic design builds a connection to the destination’s natural surroundings and creates a sense of place. This is reinforced by the winding corridors and the ceilings with a wave-like pattern highlighted by perfectly placed lighting. This creates a soft reference to both the desert and the nearby sea and provokes a feeling of movement as you step inside.

W Dubai, UAE – by dwp UAE and RMJM d3 – Dubai

This stunning environment is filled with vibrant curves flowing along the modern pool. Having its own personality, the space combines Dubai’s geometric forms with organic freedom which creates private hideaways and dynamic open spaces. It celebrates the natural curves of sand dunes and the coastline with the marvel of the city’s skyscrapers adding contrast in the distance.

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