The Tikal Outdoor Kitchen designed by Nichola De Pellegrini for Talenti is tinged in white

The new Tikal White joins the outdoor collection of the famous Umbrian brand.

The new Tikal White joins the outdoor collection of the famous Umbrian brand.

Following the success of Accoya’s metal and wooden versions, the famous Tikal outdoor kitchen designed by Belluno architect Nicola De Pellegrini is now tinged with a new, bright shade of white and enriched with a new series of accessories, making it even more iconic. Maintaining the linear verticality and the essential geometry of the original model, Tikal White promises to redesign outdoor spaces, giving them the refined and inimitable Made in Italy style that distinguishes all furnishings by Talenti.


For the Tikal collection, Nicola De Pellegrini was directly inspired by the majesty of Mesoamerican religious architecture and above all by the severe and rational lines, which he proposes with metal structures in zinc-magnesium, stainless steel and aluminum, coating with a special white paint capable to stand up to high temperatures and atmospheric agents.


 “The idea of extending the Tikal Kitchen to white color comes from the luminosity that this shade is able to give to the environment and from the special relationship that is established with the green of the vegetation, the wood and the water.” Nicola De Pellegrini says, maintaining a holistic look at the project and favoring interaction with nature. “These natural elements together with white are able to convey sensations of calm, freshness and vitality, making outdoor spaces pleasant and welcoming.



White also has a strong symbolic value and represents for many cultures a symbol of purity, spirituality and divinity. As happens in the Mayan city of Tikal, which inspired the design of the kitchen with its pure and defined volumes.”


In addition to the new finish, the Tikal project is enriched with new accessories, such as the barbecue with oven and equipped drawers, which allow you to further explore the sense of conviviality and the central role of the outdoor kitchen as the fulcrum of the outdoor space. Thanks to the aesthetics and incomparable quality of Made in Italy, Talenti has managed to create a line of outdoor kitchens that allows you to live a truly immersive experience between design, nature and functionality.



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