The New Revol buffet collection

Experience culinary elegance with Revol's latest buffet collections. Discover the sleek architecture of En Scène and the indulgent cocottes of Bombance. Elevate your presentation to new heights.

At Revol, we are delighted to unveil our newest buffet collection, designed to elevate your culinary presentations to new heights. Let’s explore the highlights of our two stunning additions :

  1. En Scène Collection :

With its simple lines and meticulous finishes, the En Scène collection offers a coherent and intuitive architectural design, allowing you to showcase the creativity of your buffet displays effortlessly. This year, our innovative team at Revol’s lab has introduced a new range of round risers, maintaining the collection’s modularity and ease of storage. Additionally, we are excited to present new marble effects in Nacryl® and a new essence of wood, providing you with even more options to upgrade your buffet presentations to the next level.

  1. Bombance Collection :

The new Bombance line invites you to indulge in the pleasure of dining and sharing meals around a convivial object: the cocotte. Designed by the renowned French designer Inga Sempé, known for her love of classic brasserie cooking, this collection reimagines the iconic cocotte to perfection. With carte blanche given to Sempé, Revol reaffirms its commitment to culinary culture by making the cocotte a centerpiece on both the dining table and the buffet, with its induction-compatible technology to maintain dishes at perfect tasting temperature.

Experience the elegance and functionality of our latest buffet collection. Elevate your culinary presentations with Revol.

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Photos credit : Aurélien Bailly



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