TECEprofil toilet module with Uni 750 cistern

by | 20 May 2022 | Products

Lower installation height, more design freedom: New TECEprofil toilet module brings washbasin and toilet to one level.

Countertop washbasins are very popular, especially in hotels and restaurants, because of their upscale aesthetics. What is pleasing to the eye, however, is a challenge for the installer: because it is often necessary to integrate the washbasin in a joint construction with the toilet in terms of design, while maintaining the usual usage height. The construction height of conventional toilet modules is usually not suitable for this purpose. This is different with the new TECEprofil toilet module, which, with an installation height of only 750 mm, offers the ideal prerequisites for a joint design of washbasin and toilet at the same usage level.

How high a washbasin is placed is usually left to the planner and is oriented towards the future user. The guideline VDI 6000 Sheet 1 therefore recommends a height of between 85 and 95 cm; in practice, the rule of thumb of installing the washbasin at half the height of the body has proven to be effective. In hotels, the height is defined according to DIN 68935 and is 90 cm, measured to the upper edge of the washbasin. With a conventional countertop washbasin and the lowest TECEprofil toilet module to date, with an installation height of 820 mm, this usage height is quickly exceeded.

In order to provide planners and installers with a tailor-made solution for this application, TECE has developed the new TECEprofil toilet module with 750 mm installation height. Compared to the 820 mm module, the new module saves a whole 70 mm at the cistern head, thanks to a shorter drain valve, among other things, and without compromising on functionality and ease of installation. This makes it possible to plan and install countertop washbasins at the right height on half-height pre-wall installations.

Universal cistern with high performance and easy installation

The TECEprofil toilet module works with the new Uni 750 cistern, which has the same clever product details as the larger versions (1120, 980 and 820 mm). These include the practical installation tunnel with tool-free zip function, the time-saving easy fit system for quick installation of the flush plate and the site-safe toilet connection box, in which the threaded rods, empty pipe and socket are safely stored. With the TECEprofil toilet module, the cistern is optimally equipped for installation in the TECEprofil pre-wall system, in metal or wooden stud frames, and for installation in front of a solid or lightweight wall. The Uni 750 cistern is not only completely pre-assembled ex works, but is also reliably protected against building site dirt during the shell construction phase thanks to its sealant.

The Uni 750 cistern is actuated from above. Like the other TECE universal cisterns, the new low version is compatible with all manual and pneumatic flush plates, giving the planner full design freedom in front of the wall.

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