TECEdrainprofile: Perfect shower area aesthetics made easy

Elegant design; Speedy construction process; Convenient cleaning, perfect hygiene; From XS to XXL.

TECEdrainprofile: Perfect shower area aesthetics made easy

by | 30 Nov 2022 | Products

Elegant design; Speedy construction process; Convenient cleaning, perfect hygiene; From XS to XXL.

TECEdrainprofile is the elegant drainage solution which can be used to design shower areas very simply and without tiling – the overall aesthetic appearance of the bathroom remains immaculate. The shower profile is simply shortened to the width of the recess and then integrated unobtrusively into the bathroom architecture as part of the floor. To achieve this effect even in particularly large showers, the TECEdrainprofile is now also available in the XXL length 1600 mm. Clever product details also make cleaning easier for the user.

In order to close the gaps between the channel and the side edges of the shower, pieces of tile usually have to be painstakingly adapted and time-consumingly inserted. Particularly in the case of large-format tiles, the appearance of the tiling suffers as a result. Not with TECEdrainprofile: The clever shower profile from TECE, the german sanitary technology brand, can be shortened precisely on both sides for installation flush with the recess – a simple handsaw is all that is necessary. This enhances the spacious feeling that makes floor-level showers without thresholds and visual barriers so attractive.

Speedy construction process

In addition to the overall aesthetic appearance in the bathroom, TECEdrainprofile also facilitates faster installation, helping to reduce costs. A straightforward set comprising just a few parts is delivered to the construction site: Shower profile, drain and accessories. The height of the drain can be easily adjusted to make it flush with the surface of the screed. Clicking directly into the drain and then integrated into the surface sealing, the flexible Seal System sealing sleeve provided ensures a high level of sealing safety. This ensures a watertight connection and eliminates the need for the sealing to be glued to the flange. The internal gradient of the profile compensates for structural tolerances, prevents puddle formation and facilitates cleaning.

Convenient cleaning, perfect hygiene

The water drainage is also optimised by the gradient: Via the profile rail made of hygienic stainless steel, impurities flow directly into the drain, which is located under the centre of the profile. It is easily accessible and can be cleaned with a plumber’s snake if necessary. To do this, the profile cover is folded up with a special “push function” with a targeted press of the finger and then removed without any further aids. Very practical: There is no need to remove a grate as with “normal” shower channels. The odour trap can also be reached without tools for easy cleaning.

From XS to XXL

TECEdrainprofile is available in a new 1600-mm long XXL version in brushed stainless steel. For even larger shower areas, it is recommended that several shower profiles be installed next to each other. In addition to the new XXL version, TECEdrainprofile is also available in lengths of 800, 900, 1000 and 1200 mm and in the colours Gold Optic, Red Gold, Black Chrome and Stainless Steel Black.

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