TALENTI’s Panama

by | 10 Aug 2022 | Products

Designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, this armchair expresses all the lightness of the Italian brand’s high-end outdoor design.


 The evolution of the Panama project, which bases its identity on the interplay of weaving, continues.

The design is characterised by wide, intertwined shapes that create shadows inspired by those of palm trees moved by the sea breeze.

The backrest is important and dramatic, even more enveloping. An iconic armchair that can be placed in an interior living space, or can be used as a dining chair, creating small alcoves, to be used for conversation or simply for moments of pure relaxation.

With this creation, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba create a mini oasis where one can take refuge for moments of absolute relaxation in full Talenti style.


Design as a refuge of great aesthetic beauty. This is the challenge of Panama Egg, the latest addition to the outdoor collection of the same name designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba for the top Italian design brand, Talenti. 

Available in two sophisticated versions, one floor-standing with a swivel base and the other with a suspended structure, this egg-shaped seat is a furnishing accessory that on its own communicates a strong feeling of elegance and comfort in your outdoor living space. The aluminium structure covered with woven ropes combined with quick foam cushions not only provides comfort and convenience for pleasant moments of relaxation outdoors, but also creates a spectacular play of light and shadow.

In its suspended version it acquires a further connotation of lightness with a strong visual impact and a rocking effect reminiscent of the classic rocking chairs of a bygone era.

A mix of past and present that combines perfectly with the rest of the collection where the woven rope and the different colours available have a great reference to the world of sailing and to the landscapes of uncontaminated nature. 

With this creation, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba has created a mini oasis where one can take refuge for moments of absolute relaxation in full Talenti style.




Talenti designs and produces outdoor furniture that comes to life thanks to the company’s natural penchant for aesthetic research and its collaboration with internationally renowned designers.