Surface Works By Spires Art

Working as creative consultants we will help you at every stage of the process, from concept to completion. With a background in graphic design and experience of working with a variety of blue chip clients across numerous sectors, we bring a fresh approach with SurfaceWorks, our bespoke Wall Coverings,Vinyl's & Digital Wallpapers.

SurfaceWorks tend to specialise in glass, acrylic and vinyl finishes as these are the most popular choices in the business and leisure sector. Nevertheless, our team can provide fabulous results using all manner of substrates including steel, dibond which is a very durable aluminium finish and forex which uses compressed pvc. All of these finishes are available in just about any size and thickness. All of the product ranges from SurfaceWorks are printed from the Spires Art premises and manufactured using the very latest technology to achieve a finished item that will make a statement piece for any interior.

The most popular room in any modern hotel is the bedroom and in the competitive nature of design, it’s the well thought out designs and bespoke décor that have the ability to transform a room. The headboards in room can make a significant impact on the whole look of the room. At Spires Art we have a great creative team to help captivate a client’s design in mind, resulting in using the headboards and other tangible items made to create a certain ambience in the room. It’s all about the customer experience and that’s why Spires Art don’t stop at the bespoke artworks, our team also create beautiful mirrors that complete the room package.

Likewise, modern hotels are the most appealing buildings in almost every city but our range of backlit panels are designed for all manner of sector, from a boardroom wall in a business, to the back wall of a restaurant or even an illuminated backdrop to a contemporary swimming pool. Spires Art have introduced a range of backlit panels and display items that are really becoming a vogue treatment for any modern hotel or business. Although our ‘bread and butter’ work has always been the creation and production of bespoke framed prints and mirrors, our team also provide a very contemporary offering in the way of artworks that can truly stand out like no other.

Whatever surface area you have to cover, whether it’s the decor of a designer hotel bedroom or a feature wall in a restaurant, Spires Art can assist. Working as creative consultants, the Spires Art team will help you at every stage of the process, from concept to completion.


Digital wallpaper has over the years become a very vogue treatment if you are wanting to make a strong visual statement for your interior project.

Simple to install, remove and replace, just like any normal wallpaper product. The difference is that it can be a bespoke style with an image you choose. Perfect for retail environments, company foyers, exhibition spaces and corporate entertainment venues.

Spires Art digital wallpaper is completely customisable in shape, size, display and colour.


SurfaceWorks provides all manner of finishes that have become trend setters with many modern companies who want to make a statement.

Our bespoke vinyl coverings are testament to this. If you add to this our ability to create a totally bespoke creative finish that is not from off the shelf ranges, then you once again have a finish that sets you apart from the crowd.

You may prefer frosted vinyl’s for special applications, or other unique finishes that are available from SurfaceWorks and we will advise what is best for your requirements.


Cover Styl’ is the smart interior design solution for your next makeover project. A highly cost effective vinyl covering that is low maintenance.

Wood, leather, marble, metallic and solid colour effects are just some of the wide range of textures and patterns available that are both quick and easy to apply. Cover Styl’ is hygienic, anti-bacterial, easy to clean and maintain, fire rated, moisture and heat resistant.

It comes with a 10 year guarantee against delamination, cracking and yellowing

Spires Art in house design and manufacturing facility means our creative team can turn their hand to almost any type of effect and finish that is required, so don’t be held back by your imagination let our creative team bring your concept to reality. Offering a guide to clients in terms of materials that can be used and the myriad of finishes that can be produced in Spires Art factory, we have the modern machinery capable of printing onto almost any substrate and can provide samples to show your clients, if required.


If you’d like to discuss your project in more detail, please get in touch with us. Simply send us an email at  [email protected] or give us a call on  +44 (0) 28 8224 6613.

You can find more about us, view our additional services, along with our previous work via our website.



Spires Art specialises in designing and providing a broad range of artwork for both commercial and residential markets, from unique glass art through to prints, mounted prints and artwork, framed artwork, glass sculptures, wayfinding art signage and bespoke wall coverings.